‘BB19’ Jason Dent Makes Another Joke About Rape, This Time About Nursing Homes

Jason Dent of Big Brother 19 is really upsetting the fans this season. He started out as a favorite, but after a recent joke about wanting to rape Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters to watch, the fans are not embracing him nearly as much. Now, TMZ is sharing that Jason Dent just made another rape joke. So far, Julie Chen and CBS are staying quiet about these comments.

This time Jason Dent was talking about how he once told the cops that he was on the way to a nursing home to rape women. He told this story on the live feeds, but everyone didn’t hear it. The thing is his close friend, Alex, repeated the story and explained what Jason said about it.

It turns out that Jason Dent was pulled over by university police and so he told them that they were fake police. It is pretty obvious that he didn’t respect their authority at all. He allegedly told the officer that he was headed to rape women in a nursing home. It sounds like this was all a joke, but a lot of people don’t see rape as a joking matter.

At this time, CBS hasn’t taken any action against Jason Dent for what he had to say in the house. They also haven’t mentioned any of it on the show. They get to pick and choose what they air from the live feeds, and this rape story about Jason Dent so far has been kept off the show. Sometimes CBS just chooses to not air the controversy like this one.

Now, when Kevin leaves the house, Julie Chen could end up asking him about it, but you never know. Jason Dent is losing a lot of fans outside and inside the house because of his rape jokes. Maybe, someone will let him know that it is time to stop doing them.


Are you shocked to hear these rape jokes coming from Jason Dent on Big Brother 19? Do you feel like he is taking it too far? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS. Maybe they will decide to share part of this on the show in the upcoming week.


[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]