‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Nominations Could Shake Up ‘BB19’ Cast

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Friday are hotly anticipated as new Head of Household Christmas Abbott will reveal the Week 10 nominations for eviction. It’s going to be a departure from the way the houseguests have been playing the game for most of the season, with someone in charge who is about to make a very bold game move.

While it hasn’t been officially revealed yet, it appears that Alex Ow is about to get nominated and that she is volunteering to do it on the CBS live feeds. It seems to be part of a strategy to get Jason Dent out of the BB19 house, but it could be a huge mistake that some of the houseguests have let it get to this point. It all goes back to the Head of Household Competition from late Thursday (August 31),

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christmas Abbott won the Head of Household Competition after the weather finally allowed it to take place. Calling it a “win” might be a bit of a stretch, though, as the rest of the BB19 cast let her win. It was a very odd move for Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber to make, as it would guarantee that at least one, if not both of them, would end up as the Week 10 nominees for eviction.

The primary targets, who are Jason Dent and Alex Ow, were convinced that they are safe by Paul Abrahamian, but that’s not the plan at all. Paul and Christmas Abbott worked out a strategy where Raven Walton joins their alliance and will be working with them to create a new-look final four for the season. These are Big Brother 19 spoilers that fans of Jason and Alex aren’t going to want to see come to fruition this week.

Christmas and Paul have no problem keeping Kevin Schlehuber around because they have been able to easily manipulate him and also because he cannot win a competition. This means that while they go after Jason this week, it would not upset them at all if they have to resort to evicting Alex instead. If Both Jason and Alex find safety, then it will be Kevin that gets shown the BB19 jury house first. This was all confirmed Friday on the CBS live feeds.

There will be more Big Brother 19 spoilers as the weekend commences, including the Veto Competition on Saturday (September 2). That will be a huge opportunity for several of the houseguests to gain safety for themselves and very likely the only chance that Jason Dent will have to save himself. Possessing the Power of Veto this week could guarantee his safety, but it also means one of his friends is joining the BB19 jury.

The next episode of Big Brother 19 is on Sunday night (September 3) at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS.

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