Connie Serbu’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Allegedly Raped By Xavier Sierra: Mom Of Two Kills 18-Year-Old For Revenge

Connie Serbu is being accused of luring 18-year-old Xavier Sierra to his death. Serbu allegedly concocted a plan to take Xavier into the Florida woods in July 2016, as revenge for Xavier allegedly raping Connie’s six-year-old daughter in the past. As reported by Naples News, it was during Memorial Day weekend in 2016 when Connie learned from her daughter that Sierra had allegedly sexually assaulted the young girl two times during previous years. That’s when Serbu reportedly began developing her plan to get revenge against Xavier, with Connie making no secret of the fact that she wanted to kill Sierra as Serbu told friends about her plans.

Even though Serbu’s young daughter begged Connie not to harm Sierra, and at least one friend tried to talk Serbu into going to the police, Connie took matters into her own hands instead. Serbu has two children, and Connie explained to her estranged husband in May to get ready to take care of their two children by himself due to the fact that “she was going to do something.” After that, Serbu convinced her mentally disabled brother, 29-year-old John Vargas, to join her as she picked up Xavier and took him to the woods.

Vargas “had a mind like a child,” and ended up losing his life along with Xavier, when the two men allegedly scuffled over guns at the crime scene that Connie and Vargas had brought with them. The guns were registered to Serbu, who brought along other weapons, including two stun guns – plus a potato to silence the gunshots. Gloves, bags, paper towels and an ice pick were also brought to the woods. Sierra thought he was going to Connie’s house to install bunk beds, but instead, he arrived at the woods with Serbu and tried to run away. Connie and her brother chased Xavier, and he was shot with both guns six times. Vargas suffered one shot in the abdomen, but it’s not clear who shot him. Both men died.

According to the Daily Mail, Connie called police herself to confess the crime. Serbu claimed she didn’t care about Xavier’s death, because she alleged that Sierra raped her daughter.

“So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter… she told me everything that happened.”

Serbu had been having “marital problems,” according to court documents.

[Featured Image by J. Meric/AP Images]