Adam Lanza Haircut: Stylists Say Interaction Was ‘Uncomfortable’

Newtown, CT – Some of the stylists who used to give Adam Lanza haircuts have said interacting with the young man was “uncomfortable,” according to The Associated Press.

Although stylist Bob Skuba and his colleagues used to cut Lanza’s hair every six weeks, the man said Adam rarely spoke to the stylists or made eye contact with anyone at the shop. In fact, his mother would answer any questions the staff posed to the youngster.

I would say, ” ‘Adam, come on.’ He wouldn’t move,” Skuba explained. “And his mother would have to say, ‘Adam, come on, he’s ready.’ It was like I was invisible.”

The stylist said that Adam Lanza never had any interaction with the stylists while receiving his haircuts. Skuba added that the young man spent most of his time looking at the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, stylists said they originally thought Adam Lanza and his family had moved away. Apparently, the boy hadn’t been in to get his haircut by stylists in over a year.

During an interview with CNN, Skuba said he should have killed Adam Lanza when he had the chance.

“I wish I would have killed him then. Or he should have killed himself a long time ago. He would have saved us all the trouble,” Skuba remarked. “I should have slit and stabbed him by accident. It would have been a lot better for those people.”

Although the stylists had plenty to say about his behavior, very little is known about why Adam Lanza decided to go on a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary. Although officials say Lanza was a devil worshiper who had a website devoted to Satan, nobody knows why he decided to savagely murder so many innocent people.

What do you think about the remarks made by the people who used to give Adam Lanza haircuts?