‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Announcement: What Happened With ‘Good Morning America’ This Morning?

Yesterday, Mike Fleiss teased big announcements for The Bachelor 2018 all day on Twitter, but he never did it. Then he said that you could see who would be The Bachelor on Friday morning on Good Morning America. Fans got up early to watch GMA and there was no ann0uncement at all.

Today, he is ignoring the fact that no announcement about The Bachelor was made. A fan asked in one tweet why this happened and Mike Fleiss did reply to them. The fan wanted to know why GMA pulled their tweet about The Bachelor being announced. Yesterday, they shared with fans to watch the show, but then they later took the tweet down. The fan asked what Mike had done and he simply replied: “It wasn’t me.”

So far, Reality Steve hasn’t given any answers to what happened. The fans are speculating that the guy they picked backed out at the last minute. A few days ago, he went to Twitter and shared that he is very confident that Peter Kraus will be the guy cast in the job. Steve also mentioned that he knows that they have changed it up at the last second before, but he didn’t see that happening. If Peter backed out at the last second, then Steve wouldn’t have known that was coming.

Now, the fans are just going to have to wait to see who is cast as The Bachelor 2018. The only thing coming out so far are cryptic tweets from Mike Fleiss. Reality Steve is probably trying to figure out what is going on so he can share with fans, but for now, he is quiet as well. There have been a few other names thrown around by fans, such as Wells Adams and Diggy. So far, these just seem like rumors and the fans are going to have to wait it out.


Are you shocked to hear that Good Morning America didn’t make the big announcement for who will be the next Bachelor this morning? Who do you think will be taking the job?

Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss watching episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays on ABC. Maybe they will make an announcement on that show instead.

Update: Tonight Mike Fleiss teased that it isn’t who everyone expects.


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