‘LPBW’ Fan Pages Give Audrey Roloff Advice On How To Induce Labor Naturally, Promise Updates When Baby Arrives

Little People, Big World fan pages are giving Audrey Roloff advice on how to induce labor naturally and promise to post updates when the baby girl arrives. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were due to deliver their first child yesterday, but the second Roloff grandbaby apparently still hasn’t arrived. Fans of Little People, Big World have been anxiously waiting to see pics of baby girl Roloff, and two Instagram fan pages made just for newlywed couples Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and Zach and Tori Roloff shared posts on Wednesday and Thursday. One post offers advice to Audrey on how she can go into labor, and another post said, “updates when she arrives.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff surprised Little People, Big World fans back in February with the news that they were expecting their first child together, and People shared two months later that the second Roloff grandbaby would be a girl. Since Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed the first Roloff grandbaby into the world last May, fans of the Roloff’s long-running TLC reality TV series have been stalking Audrey Roloff on social media for updates on her pregnancy. Audrey has regularly posted pics and videos on both her personal Facebook page and her personal Instagram page updating Little People, Big World fans on the progress of her pregnancy, but she hasn’t been as active on social media with the arrival of her due date.

The last real update from Audrey on her pregnancy was a summary of the last 39 weeks via Facebook and her blog Auj Poj on Monday, but Little People, Big World fan pages have been giving fans updates in the wake of Audrey’s absence. Just in the last couple of days, two Instagram fan pages — one page for fans of Zach and Tori Roloff and one page for fans of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff — shared posts counting down Audrey’s delivery and letting fans know that updates would be posted as soon as Audrey’s baby arrived. The Inquisitr also previously shared that as of Wednesday, Audrey Roloff had not gone into labor, and Thursday, August 31 was her official due date.

There was no baby on Thursday, either, according to the Little People, Big World Instagram fan pages, but Audrey shared via a blog post on Monday that she loves that “we don’t get to know exactly when she will come.” Audrey Roloff is already one day past her due date, which is common for first-time moms, according to Fit Pregnancy in an article that says first timers usually go into labor naturally around 41 weeks. But fans of Little People, Big World apparently can’t wait another week and are offering Audrey advice on how she can induce labor. The Instagram fan page for Jeremy and Audrey fans, called @jeremynaudreyfans, posted a countdown to Audrey’s due date on Wednesday, and a comment suggested that Audrey should “start walking and scrub the floors.”

2 days ????????

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WebMD shares that “there’s no good proof” that at-home and non-medical methods to induce labor naturally really work. So, unfortunately, fans of Little People, Big World will have to wait for Audrey to go into labor on her own or be induced at the hospital, which is usually done no later than two weeks after the due date has passed, according to PubMed Health. Another Instagram fan page for Zach and Tori Roloff, called @zachntorifans, has promised to let fans know when baby girl Roloff arrives. Some Little People, Big World fans are hoping for Audrey to deliver on Monday, September 4, which is Labor Day 2017, but overall fans are wishing Audrey a safe and easy delivery.

Baby girl is due today ???? @jeremynaudreyfans will have updates when she arrives

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There has been some confusion about when Audrey is due to deliver since Little People, Big World said that September 1 is Audrey’s due date, but Jeremy apparently cleared that up and said that August 31 was the estimated due date. There’s also some confusion about when a new season of Little People, Big World is due to premiere on TLC. LPBW matriarch Amy Roloff shared back in June that there’s more to come in September, which led to rumors that she was hinting about an upcoming new season, according to Premiere Date.

Despite news that Tori Roloff recently revealed that the Little People, Big World camera crews were “back in her home” to film Season 13, as shared by In Touch Weekly two weeks ago, TLC has yet to officially announce its renewal. A constantly updated guide on The Futon Critic that lets viewers know when shows come back on lists the current status of Little People, Big World as to be determined and on hiatus.

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