‘BB19’: Kevin Schlehuber’s Wife, Deborah, Speaks Out About Jason Dent’s Rape Joke—And She’s Not Laughing

Big Brother 19 is once again the subject of controversy due to the houseguests’ bad behavior. On a season that kicked off with so much bullying that contestant Megan Lowder checked out within days after the Big Brother 19 premiere, the wife of fellow Big Brother contestant Kevin Schlehuber is speaking out about a joke that was made about her by her husband’s housemate, Jason Dent.

Jason Dent made headlines this week for the violent joke he made about Schlehuber’s wife, Deborah, and his daughters. Jason was caught on the Big Brother live feeds saying if Kevin gained power in the Big Brother house he would go and “f**k his wife” and tie down his daughters to watch. Jason Dent’s family quickly posted an apology to Twitter, apologizing for his “inappropriate comments that were said in jest on the live feeds this afternoon about Kevin and his family.” Jason’s family claimed that the conversation was “taken slightly out of context.” Dent’s Whistle-Nut & Ole Twitter page has since been marked private so the apology can no longer be seen by non-followers of the account.

But Jason Dent’s comments are playing out on social media for the entire world to see—including Kevin’s wife. Deborah Schlehuber told TMZ she was appalled by Jason’s comments and she thinks Jason’s cackling laughter as he joked about rape is the worst thing she has ever seen. Kevin’s wife also said that while her husband signed up for Big Brother and the reality TV fame that comes along with it, she and her daughters did not.

[Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

Deborah Schlehuber also denounced the apology posted by Jason Dent’s family and the claim that the rodeo clown’s comments were taken out of context. Deborah told TMZ that it would never cross Kevin’s mind to say such horrible comments about someone else’s family.

Kevin and Deborah Schlehuber have been married for 31 years and they have seven children, six of them daughters. Kevin’s wife works as a neonatal nurse in Boston, while Kevin is a stay-at-home dad. Deborah told TMZ the Schlehubers are a nice, hardworking family and that she is shocked by how this season’s Big Brother has turned out for her husband.


Kevin Schlehuber’s family has been managing his Twitter account while he is in the Big Brother house, and it’s clear they also have a bone to pick with another houseguest, Alex Ow. The Schlehubers have noted how Alex has trash talked Kevin throughout this season of Big Brother. Earlier this week, Alex threw away the leftover slop so Kevin would go hungry. Kevin Schlehuber’s family posted this comment to their Twitter followers:

You can see Jason Dent’s disturbing comments about Kevin Schlehuber’s family on the Big Brother live feeds below.

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