Smoker’s Lungs Used In Transplant Results In Patient’s Death

London, England – A woman has died after receiving a smoker’s lungs during a transplant, according to Fox News.

The 27-year-old woman received the transplant at Harefield Hospital in London. Roughly 16 months after receiving the transplant, the woman died of lung cancer. Her father is now asking that hospitals release the medical history of those who are donating organs.

Colin Grannell, the young woman’s dad, said his daughter Jennifer may have decided not to go ahead with the transplant had she known the donated lungs once belonged to a smoker.

“The shock immediately turned to anger in so far as all the risks were explained in the hour before her transplant and not once was the fact that a smoker’s lungs would be used mentioned,” Colin told the Daily Mail.

Grannell explained that doctors never told his daughter that the transplant could increase her risk of cancer. Jennifer’s father said his daughter may not have gone through with the procedure had she known the lungs were once inside the body of a smoker.

BBC News explains that Jennifer waited nearly 18 months for the lungs. She finally received the transplant on April of 2011. Unfortunately, doctors detected a mass in her lungs in February of 2012, less than a year after she had the operation.

Jennifer Grannell passed away in August of 2012. Her father said she was able to marry her boyfriend before succumbing to the disease.

Dr. G. Alexander Patterson, who oversees lung transplants at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish transplant center in St. Louis, said Jennifer was probably better off receiving the lungs regardless of where they originated.

“If she was critically ill and had poor chance of short-term survival, she was better off accepting the transplant,” he explained.

The hospital has since apologized for not informing Jennifer that the lungs she was to receive came from a smoker. Her father has set up the Facebook page “Jennifer’s Choice” as a way to encourage non-smokers to sign up for organ donation.