‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Jealous Maya Exiles Nicole And Zende – Final Air Date For Rome Flynn

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) remains scared about the birth mother-daughter bond between her adoptive daughter Lizzy and sister Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards). Since Lizzy called Nicole “mama,” it hurt Maya’s feelings, and she wants to protect her family, even if it means repaying Nicole’s kindness to her with jealousy and betrayal. Maya comes up with a plan that will seem like a good thing for Nicole and her husband, but really it’s a way to kick them to the curb!

Zende gets a promotion

Although the Forresters were initially lukewarm on Zende Forrester’s (Rome Flynn) designs, when Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) fired Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode), it opened the door for the fledgling sketch artist. Zende proved he was up to the task with his work on the swimwear line for the Monaco competition of Forrester versus Spectra. Now, it will seem like Zende is being rewarded for his hard work, but there’s a scheme afoot.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from the latest CBC Soaps in Depth tease that Maya is desperate to create some space between Lizzy and Nicole and goes to work on Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) to get what she wants. Bold spoilers for next week from Soap Central promise Maya pushes Rick to “reward” Zende by giving him a promotion to Forrester International, which will relocate him and Nicole to Paris. Maya sees this as a win-win, but her motives are sketchy.

Zende thrilled, Nicole suspicious

Although Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Nicole is committed to sticking to an “aunt only” role in Lizzy’s life, it’s still important for her to see her daughter grow up happy. Nicole plans to be very involved in Lizzy’s life, but Maya’s scheme would ensure that Nicole is far away. When Zende gets the big news about his Parisian promotion, Nicole is happy for him, but then begins to question it. Since the family was hesitant before, why are they suddenly giving him this big advancement?

B&B spoilers say once Nicole thinks it through, she wonders about the offer since it came from Rick. If it were a no-strings offer, it would have come through co-CEOs Ridge and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), right? It’s true that Rick has control over the international division, but the timing is suspect and has Nicole wondering what to do. The other issue is that Nicole doesn’t want to hurt Zende’s feelings – or his confidence – by implying he doesn’t deserve the promotion.

Ridge tried this move before, too

Remember on The Bold and the Beautiful last year, there was a very similar plot. Ridge tried to send Thomas away for a job with Forrester International to keep him away from baby Douglas. That didn’t work for Ridge. In fact, it blew up in his face, ruined his marriage, and resulted in Ridge being out of Douglas’ life for good. This should have been a lesson for Maya since she’s trying the same sort of move with Nicole, Zende, and Paris. This recycled scheme is sure to fail.

With her radar on high alert, Bold spoilers say Nicole decides to confront Maya about the move. Will Maya be able to keep her motives secret and convince Nicole it’s about Zende’s mad design skills and not about baby Lizzy? This could all blow up in Maya’s face if Nicole can force a confession. Nicole made the heartbreaking decision twice to sign adoption papers to give away her biological kid, so she will feel betrayed by Maya trying to send her out of Lizzy’s life. Will this backfire on Maya?

Rome Flynn last air date revealed

With Rome Flynn’s last day looming, the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say this scheme could tie into the actor’s exit as Zende and the arrival of the recast actor. Rome Flynn’s last air date as Zende will be Friday, September 8. It will be interesting to see if his departure is linked to the Paris plot. Maybe Zende will fly to Paris alone then return with a new face! Since storylines on Bold rotate because of the short format of 15-minute episodes, we may see the Avants take a back seat.

The drama of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) lying about Caroline Spencer’s (Linsey Godfrey) health and getting caught for burning Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) building is center stage right now as is the story of Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), so it could be weeks before we see the Avants again – and meet the new Zende. Check back often for more on the story of Nicole’s infertility, the reveal of Katie and Wyatt’s affair, and other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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