Sting Returning For A Huge General Manager Role Later This Month

The WWE Universe has remained hopeful that Sting could have another match someday. Sting had his last match with Seth Rollins for the WWE Title at 2015 Night of Champions. He suffered a severe injury during the match. Although Sting was able to finish the match and give Rollins the official victory, the match was a blunder and many fans have struggled with the concept of that being the last fleeting memory of his career.

His induction into the WWE Hall of Fame helped soften the blow, but Sting also announced his retirement from the ring during his speech. The diagnosis is that he will need a serious neck surgery down the line, but he’s holding it off for as long as possible. He’s currently signed with WWE under a Legend deal, but he has yet to make any appearance on WWE television since being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

Recently, it’s been reported that Sting is getting back into the game for an upcoming event later this month for Bytown Championship Wrestling. A handful of other well known professional wrestlers will also appear on the show, but Sting will be acting as the promotion’s ‘General Manager’ for the evening, which is a first.

Sting Could Return For a General Manager Role With WWE Eventually
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A legend like Sting will have no trouble commanding authority for the event. It’s possible that he could get involved in the ring for a few moves. There is no indication that the WWE Hall of Famer will be getting into the ring for an official match during the event. On paper, Sting isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary for a legend in his position, but a General Manager role could open some new doors for him in the near future.

Sting Has Officially Retired From Wresting
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Sting has always had a mystical aura to his persona that makes him unique as a performer. To many fans, a GM role doesn’t seem like a good fit for him. However, he’s transitioning into a new role during events and it may lead to more appearances as an authority figure for other promotions and possibly a role on Raw or SmackDown Live someday. There is a lot more for Sting to give the industry, but if his wrestling career is truly over, he could be on the right path if Stinger wants to be involved in the industry for years to come.

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