Mariah Carey Body-Shaming Continues As Star Shows ‘Vogue’ Her Closet

Mariah Carey really can’t seem to catch a break. Ever since her disastrous performance on ABC’s New Year’s Eve special, she has been the laughing stock of the world. People excitingly wait to see her next bad photo or poor performance. Some say the criticism Mariah is enduring is very misogynistic. Last week, she was accused of photoshopping topless photos she took for Paper Magazine. According to the Daily Mail, Mariah was told on social media to either accept her body or go to the gym.

The article shows a picture of Mariah holding her hands on her head while her long hair is covering her breasts. Mariah looks unusually thin in the picture, especially when compared to the one taken at her Las Vegas residency a week before. In the picture, Mariah looks a lot heavier than she does in the magazine shoot. Some of the people shaming Mariah aren’t fat-shaming the singer; they are shaming her for putting forward a dishonest image of herself. However, there are still mean comments after the article.

“Once a big star. Now a huge star,” says NB1971.

“Come on girl, after Vegas everyone knows you’re big as a Buick!” claims Not Surprised.

Mariah Carey lying about body
Mariah Carey is being criticized for her unrealistic magazine pictures. [Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]

Just when you think Mariah has escaped the bad publicity, The Sun has revealed new pictures of Mariah having a night out with her current boyfriend, Brian Tanaka. The headline reads, “Busty Mariah Carey pours her curves into a skintight gown for a night out with boyfriend Brian Tanaka.”

The article makes passive-aggressive comments about her weight, and the commenters are almost as bad as they were on the Daily Mail.

“Hold the Mayo, sweetie,” says Bob Bob.

“Poured or shoe-horned?” asks Sarah Barrett, joking about how Mariah got into her dress.

While Mariah Carey is a celebrity and is probably used to the comments, some think that bullying female celebrities allows others to bully women in the real world. Even Miss UK recently became a victim and gave back her crown after being told to lose weight. According to Refinery29, Zoiey Smale, who won Miss United Kingdom in June, said that she had enough of being bullied by international pageant directors over her weight. She explained that she had been really excited after winning the title but what was meant to be an uplifting experience turned degrading after it was suggested that she lose weight and go on a diet plan.

The struggles of Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey has been struggling not only with a dwindling career but with cruel body-shamers too. [Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]

Mariah Carey will undoubtedly face the body shamers soon enough. However, for now, she’s just trying to have fun. Recently, Carey gave Vogue an intimate look at her closet. She posted an Instagram clip of the closet tour.

Many Mariah Carey fans have praised the video, but that didn’t stop trolls from making their way into the comments after Carey’s post. What do you make of all the vitriol aimed at Mariah Carey these days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]