‘Project Runway’ 2017 Recap: Week 3 — A Leap Of Innovation

Tonight on Project Runway 2017, aspiring designers were shown tackling yet another challenge. It was all about dance tonight, so naturally former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler served as the guest judge. So, who went home on Project Runway tonight? Check out the details in our Project Runway 2017 recap below.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, the first unconventional challenge of the season was featured, as well as the first team challenge of the season, which brought even more drama to the episode. The twins ended up on the same team and seemed to drag their team down, as they lost the challenge. Despite having one of the worst looks for the week, Shawn was saved and, instead, Sentell was sent home.

The Challenge

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum dance their way out onto the runway. For this challenge, they will be using dance, movement, and innovation to create a fashionable look inspired by the movie Leap! They have one day for this challenge and a $200 budget.

Make It Work

After sketching, the designers wrap it up and head out to Mood to get their fabrics and materials. Deyonte is struggling to stay within budget, as he apparently has expensive taste. Kenya seems to be done with the twins. It is a race, but everyone gets finished on Project Runway 2017.

Back in the workroom, the designers get started on their looks. We get some background on Kudzanai, which is never a good thing. The person being highlighted tends to go home. Now Brandon is a design ninja and finds his zen zone. Batani dances, so she breaks out into some belly dancing. Michael and Margarita are forming a strong bond, since they both speak Spanish.

Injury Time

Deyonte is working on the sewing machine, but is having some issues with getting it to work right. He is messing with things and ends up sticking the needle straight into his finger. The medics come in and patch him up, but he is back in the action (after wiping off the blood from his sewing machine).

Tim’s Critiques

After getting some work done and being annoyed by the twins, Tim comes in for his critiques. He tells Deyonte to keep it clean with his look. He thinks Kenya’s look is smashing, while Samantha’s look is magnificent. The positivity continues, as he thinks Michael’s look is fabulous. He tells Claire that she is thinking too hard. Tim doesn’t want Aaron’s look to become too gimmicky. He thinks the cape from Batani is very dramatic and it inspires him. He thinks there is so much happening with Margarita’s look that it looks like a full-on costume. Ayana has a lot going on, so he wants her to reel that in. When all is said and done, he said they are taking risks and stepping out and he could not be happier.

Let The Changes Happen

After Tim’s critiques on Project Runway 2017, the designers have some changes to make. They get to work, but then the models come in for their fitting. We have some issues, but the big one is Margarita. Her outfit had pins in it and they poke the model when taking it off, which then leads to blood getting on her design. Deyonte is having issues and is not able to use his finger.

The Finishing Touches

The next day arrives on Project Runway Season 16 and designers have three hours to the runway show. Deyonte’s finger is still throbbing, but he has a lot of stuff to do still, as does Kudzanai. Brandon is still in his zen zone. After all the rushing around, the looks are finished and the designers and models head to the runway.

Judge’s Critiques

After a fun runway show, viewers find out that the top and bottom looks tonight on Project Runway 2017 come from Brandon, Batani, Margarita, Kudzanai, Kentaro, and Deyonte. The judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Maddie Ziegler. Here are some highlights from their feedback:

  • Batani – Maddie said she could relate to this as a dance piece. Zac said he was mixed on it. Heidi said it is loud and a little bit sexy and showed them something special today.
  • Deyonte – Zac said it is dull. Maddie said she did wear a dance costume like this. Heidi said she sees an ice dancer and it is painful. Nina said she feels constrained.
  • Kentaro – Maddie said the skirt throws it off. Zac said it doesn’t have the biggest runway impact and he is not impressed. Heidi said it is too literal and too black. Nina said it doesn’t look like he pushed himself.
  • Margarita – Heidi loves the look and said it made beautifully on the runway. Maddie loves it and thinks it is very refreshing. Nina loves the sleeve and thinks there is a lot of drama to it.
  • Brandon – Nina said she loves it and loves the creativity. Heidi said she loves his taste and it is fabulous and different. Maddie said it is absolutely stunning. Zac said these are the moments he waits for on Project Runway.
  • Kudzanai – Heidi said it looks very juvenile and it does not look flattering. Zac said the color caught his eye. The balance and construction are a mess. Nina said he embellished it so much that it is taking it away.


After a closer look at the designs on Project Runway 2017, the judges have made their decisions. The winner of this challenge is Brandon, who also wins immunity for next week. On the other end of things, it came down to Deyonte and Kudzanai. The losing look tonight came from Kudzanai, so he was eliminated tonight on Project Runway Season 16.

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2017 tonight?

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