‘Hunter X Hunter’ Manga To Go On Another Hiatus After Chapter 370

A Hunter x Hunter fan’s dreaded nightmare has come true again: the series is going on another hiatus. Yoshihiro Togashi is taking another break after being in serialization for around two months. As per the usual, it is unknown when the manga is actually coming back.

The last chapter of Hunter x Hunter before Togashi takes a rest will appear in Jump’s 40th issue this year, which will be released in Japan on September 4. After that, readers will have to wait indefinitely to see the next events. The manga artist did clarify that the series has not ended yet and that he will come back to pen more chapters.

“I will return this year,” the 51-year-old mangaka said.

By this time, a huge chunk of Hunter x Hunter readers is desensitized to such news. Yoshihiro Togashi has spent more time in hiatus than in serialization with Jump, according to Kotaku’s hiatus chart of the series. Understandably, the author and artist suffered from health issues in the past, and drawing for a long amount of time can certainly make it worse. Some chapters were actually released with bad drawings, presumably because he pushed himself to submit his work despite being sick.

This time though, the reason for his hiatus is unknown. Comicbook suggests that the mangaka may be taking another rest due to health reasons. The strain of a manga artist’s work is no joke, which is why Togashi may be finding it hard to continuously churn out a 19-page chapter each week.

Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecs in his journey outside a little island he calls home. He meets several comrades during the Hunter exam, which he hopes to pass. The little boy has come a long way in the recent chapters, and seeing as Yoshihiro can’t put an end to this series, it looks like there’s more story that he needs to write and draw.

In spite of all the hiatuses, Hunter x Hunter still has a lot of fans around the world. They may get exasperated whenever the author takes a break, but most anticipate its eventual return. This time around, fans are holding on to the artist’s promise of coming back before 2017 ends.

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