Curt Hawkins Posts Hilarious Tweet About Battle Royal Elimination

Although he has one of the most unimpressive win-loss records in WWE history, Curt Hawkins is certainly spinning it into a positive. Ever since debuting to add depth to the WWE roster during the 2016 brand split, Hawkins has spent most of his time looking at the lights at the conclusion of his matches. Despite his losing streak, Hawkins has managed to brand himself as creating his own "STAR factory," making it seem as if he is the checkpoint to WWE talent moving forward in their careers.

For a short period of time, Hawkins even took his talents to NXT, but was still unable to achieve success there.

His string of defeats has lead to an over 100-match losing streak, which is something that has also been spun to make himself look good.

WWE compared his looking streak to Goldberg's 173-match winning streak. Asuka's current undefeated streak and The Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak were also mentioned. However, Hawkins' streak was in reverse, and he has now claimed the worst record in the modern era. While many would view this as an embarrassing feat, Hawkins told WWE that 100 stars made it to the "STAR factory."

Even Finn Balor congratulated Hawkins for his "achievement."


Based on his recent endeavors, it looks like Hawkins' spin on things is far from over. On Raw, nearly all of the other contenders in the battle royal hoisted him up and threw him out of the ring. Hilariously, Hawkins somehow viewed this as an achievement as well, tweeting, "I'd like to thank all the [WWE] Superstars that honored me last night. This business is all about earning the respect of your peers."

Furthermore, he posted a split-screen comparison of Bret Hart celebrating his WWE Championship win with his fellow roster members. This tweet become so popular, even the Big Show had to retweet it.


Even though his continuous losing streak is quite embarrassing to most, the fact that Hawkins can make a funny gimmick out of it is a prime example of someone making the best out of what they are dealt in the WWE. Seemingly, there were some frustrating times Hawkins had throughout his losing streak, but the ability to get it over is quite creative.

[Featured Image by WWE]