Westboro Baptist Church Holds Nothing Back, Says God Sent Hurricane Harvey To Those ‘Rebellious People’

As the damage, death, and destruction of Hurricane Harvey continues to be a problem, and will be for a very long time, there are those who feel as if they know who caused it all. As expected, the Westboro Baptist Church has had something to say regarding all that has taken place in the last week, and they’re placing the blame solely on those who were affected by it. When all is said and done, they believe that the people of Houston had to deal with this hurricane because of God.

The members of the WBC are known for picketing the funerals of soldiers, fallen officers, celebrities, and so many more. While there has been nothing said yet as to what they may do when the funerals come around for the lives lost in Hurricane Harvey, the social media accounts of the church have still had plenty to say.

Their official Twitter account has posted a number of videos detailing the tragedy of the intense storm and they quote Bible verses saying why this happened to Houston. No matter what, they believe that it was God who brought the hurricane to the people and that anyone who doesn’t believe Harvey was brought by the “creator of all things seen and unseen,” are delusional.

They’re not just placing the blame strictly on those who live in Houston or other parts of Texas. The Westboro Baptist Church has already held demonstrations in different places around the country to talk down on homosexuals, Donald Trump, and the national sin of the entire nation.

Any celebrity or popular figure that may ask for prayers or help for those affected by Hurricane Harvey are being pointed out as being in the wrong.

The Westboro Baptist Church aren’t the only people who have said these kinds of things since the deadly storm struck. As reported by Fox News, there was a Tampa professor by the name of Kenneth Storey, who ended up losing his job due to tweeting out that Hurricane Harvey was “karma” for Texas.

Storey has since deleted the tweet and apologized for it, but the damage had already been done.

Pink News pointed out that Ann Coulter said it was “more credible” that homosexuality caused Hurricane Harvey than climate change. This all stems from the fact that Houston’s former mayor, Annise Parker, is a lesbian who has three children with wife Kathy Hubbard.

The Westboro Baptist Church were also on board with that frame of mind.

Hurricane Harvey hit less than a week ago and it is already being seen as one of the most disastrous and costliest storms in history. The destruction has been immense, and there are so many without belongings or food or even a home. Still, the Westboro Baptist Church believes that this storm brought by God was purposely done due to the sins of the nation and that everything that has transpired was deserved.

[Featured Image by Bradley C. Bower/AP Images]