‘BB19’ Season Finale Is In Three Weeks And There Are Still Eight Houseguests — How Will We Get To Final Three?

BB19 has been a summer of chaos and drama, volatile tempers, and things that should never have been said or done. As always, fans have tuned into the live feeds not to miss a moment of the fun. With the finale scheduled three weeks from tonight, there are still five houseguests that will need to exit the Big Brother 19 house.

The following may contain spoilers for BB19. If you don’t want to know how the production team may handle the evictions, now is the time to stop reading.

Tonight’s live BB19 show is the weekly eviction. Of course, with Maven on the block and Matt racking up penalty votes, there have been no announcements for viewers on how this may be handled. For the sake of looking at the schedule to the finale, we will assume that there will be a normal eviction and a fourth houseguest sent to the Jury House, leaving seven houseguests in the Big Brother compound.

According to Big Brother Network, there has to be both a double eviction and a surprise eviction planned so that the numbers work. As an example, if a Double Eviction happens on September 7, that would bring the houseguest count to five. Last season there was a special surprise eviction that took place on a Monday with the feeds down. If that were to happen again this season, the BB19 house would have four residents. On September 14, the final live vote to evict would take place, and the Final Three would be set.

CBS and Big Brother have yet to clue us in on a true schedule for the final three weeks of the season. The saying for Big Brother has always been “expect the unexpected,” and there may still be surprises coming for the houseguests and fans.



Many fans of BB19 are very disappointed in some of the houseguests who recently have displayed unacceptable behavior. Social media is ablaze with viewers calling for the expulsion of both Jason Dent and Matt Cline from the game. While Big Brother has a history of problem houseguests, they have never pulled someone out of the game over a comment. but did put a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode one year. As for the blatant ignoring of the rules, Matt has been allowed to get away with it all week and has yet to have faced a true consequence. It looks like he will remain on the CBS payroll a little longer.

Do you think BB19 will have both a double eviction and a surprise eviction? Are you going to miss Big Brother when it is over? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]