WWE News: Roman Reigns Says He’s Not A Babyface Or Heel But A New Type Of Character

Roman Reigns is the new face of the WWE with John Cena already one foot out the door and going to Hollywood. Reigns has also surpassed Cena as the most polarizing WWE superstar of all time. Many hardcore wrestling fans passionately hate him while women and children love him to death. But what character does Roman Reigns really play on television? Is he a babyface or is he a heel?

In an interview with ESPN (h/t Wrestling Inc.), Roman Reigns was asked about the reactions he was getting from the crowd and what type of character he is. Reigns explained that he is the first superstar of his kind because he is not a babyface or a heel. “The Big Dog” called himself the very first true gray area guy.

“To me, I’m neither. If I’m totally off here, then I’m totally off, but I’m the first of my type. I’m the first true gray area guy. Just being what he was born to be. I don’t go out there and act crazy and flail around and be a heel. I don’t come out there smiling and kissing babies, telling each town it’s my favorite town at the end of the night.”

According to Sportskeeda, many wrestling fans hate Roman Reigns because of many different factors. Some fans don’t like his limited move set and promo skills while others think he is a bland character. However, most fans hate Reigns because of how the WWE pushed him way too fast and shoved him everyone’s throats.

Roman Reigns is the most polarizing WWE superstar of all time.
Roman Reigns looks at the crowd before cutting a promo. [Image by WWE]

Despite all of that, it is a fact that Roman Reigns draws the most reactions of any WWE superstar on the entire roster. Reigns told ESPN in the same interview the reason why he’s not a babyface or heel is that he keeps it 100 percent real.

“I keep it real. Sometimes I’m in a good mood. Sometimes I’m in a bad one. I want my character to be as human as possible, but not just a regular human that you see every single day.”

Roman Reigns also believes that he is the most versatile WWE superstar on the roster at the moment. Reigns noted that he can have a feud with any superstar and tell a compelling story because he can work like a good guy or a bad guy depending on the opponent.

“It’s just one of those things that helps me work with everybody. It’s not about, ‘Well, we can’t tell this story because it’s two bad guys going against each other or it’s two good guys.’ I can wrestle any way I want. Sometimes you fight pissed off. Sometimes you fight smart with technique. It just depends.”

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena will happen at 'No Mercy.'
John Cena verbally abused Roman Reigns during an intense segment on 'Monday Night Raw.' [Image by WWE]

Roman Reigns is currently in a feud with John Cena and they will face off at No Mercy. Reigns was booed more by the fans during their contract signing with Cena getting cheered even by those people who hate him. Many fans want both superstars to turn heel but it seems like the WWE is content with the reactions Reigns and Cena are getting.

And to fuel more hate on Roman Reigns, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him fourth in the annual PWI500 best wrestlers in the world, per Cageside Seats. Reigns is just behind Kazuchika Okada, A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens while ahead of hardcore fan favorites Kenny Omega, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

[Featured Image by WWE]