Sean Hannity Defends Trump After Harvey Controversy

Sean Hannity began his show Wednesday evening by talking about what he believes is implicit bias from the media in order to use Hurricane Harvey to bash Donald Trump.

“While the media politicizes another tragedy, Trump is once again leading the way on this recovery effort along with the governor and local offcials,” Hannity said in a sad voice and then followed with a video of Trump indicating that the citizens of Texas and the Gulf Coast need all our prayers and resources.

“Recovery will be tough. But I have seen the resilience of the American spirit firsthand all over this country to the people of Houston across Texas and Louisiana,” Trump was shown stating in a video and then added that there will be help with the recovery every step of the way.

Hannity said that the immensely biased press is stealing a page from the Democrats playbook and is taking Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advice of never letting a crisis go to waste. CNN is one of the outlets Hannity is talking about. Even though they admit that the president has helped, the news outlet criticizes his lack of empathy.

“But his response to Hurricane Harvey shows he’s yet to master the instinctive shows of empathy such tragedies require.”

Donald Trump Visits Texas Trump has been criticized for his lack of empathy for Texas and the victims of Hurricane Harvey. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

The article adds that Trump dispensed no hugs or displays of compassion to the victims of the storm, who he did not meet (at least at the time the article was written). Even The Atlantic got in on the Trump-bashing game.

“Hurricane Harvey thus creates a challenge for President Trump, a man who is at home revving up a crowd and celebrating American greatness, but who almost never publicly displays sympathy or empathy. So far, Trump’s response has been tonally peculiar and heavy on the inspiration,” writes columnist David Graham, adding that Trump has not shown much sympathy or empathy.

Donald Trump helps hurricane victims
Donald Trump's visit to Texas is being defended by some. [Image by Matthew Busch/Getty Images]

However, there are others, such as John Nolte from Brietbart, who believe that Texas doesn’t want empathy; they want the help Trump has so far delivered. Nolte chastises “fake news factory” CNN for not seeing the bigger picture. He then quotes a woman telling news reporters that they don’t need cameras and microphones to help their feelings; they need help.

Sean Hannity’s segment continued with anger, and the Fox News host even said that if President Trump cured cancer, there would still be those who would find a way to trash him. Hannity also thought it was unfair for the press to attack Melania Trump’s shoes, which he thought undermined their trip.

Donald Trump has been tweeting all day despite all the accusations.

Do you agree with Sean Hannity that Donald Trump is being wrongfully criticized for his response to Hurricane Harvey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Matthew Busch/Getty Images]