Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lookalike: K-Pop Idol Looks Like ‘The Revenant’ Actor’s Long-Lost Brother

K-pop is certainly taking over the music scene by storm. With people around the world starting to take notice of the genre, many spotted one K-pop idol’s uncanny resemblance to Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

Seventeen is a K-pop boy group that consists of 13 members, and they are separated into “Hip-Hop Unit,” “Vocal Unit,” and “Performance Unit.” Although they are divided into three sub-units, all 13 members perform together most of the time.

The Pledis Entertainment group debuted back in 2015 and they quickly gathered a lot of attention for their undeniable talent.

The boys are famously known as a “self-producing” idol group since they are deeply involved in their composition and choreography. Although there are 13 of them in the group, they are always praised for their amazing synchronization.

While all the members of Seventeen have their own special charisma, Hansol Vernon Chwe instantly became popular and a fan-favorite for looking like Leonardo DiCaprio’s younger brother. Although this is already old news to some, new K-pop fans have just started to realize this.

Vernon is a 19-year-old rapper who is a part of Seventeen’s Hip-Hop Unit. Even though he was born in New York, he speaks fluent Korean since he moved to his father’s hometown when he was 5 years old.

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Having an American mom, Vernon has distinctive Western features. While many praised him for his looks, the Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike has previously shared that he was not too happy about it when he was younger, revealing that he struggled with racial discrimination for looking different.

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Now that he’s a part of Seventeen, Vernon finally felt like he belongs, especially since the other members did not outcast him or treated him differently for his background. In fact, the other boys have officially chosen Vernon as the most handsome member of the group.


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When asked during the June 12 broadcast of SBS POWER FM’s Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street who they believe has the best visuals in the group, all of the members of Seventeen came up with a final decision and voted for Vernon.

However, the humble teen chose another member as the most handsome, saying that 20-year-old Mingyu became even more good looking than he was already before.

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