Heather Morris' New Movie 'Psycho Wedding Crasher' Coming To Lifetime

Mandy Robinson

Heather Morris of Glee and Dancing With the Stars will be starring in a new Lifetime movie this weekend that fans do not want to miss. This movie is called Psycho Wedding Crasher. Lifetime shared the details about this new movie. Heather plays the part of Jenna, who just started working as a dressmaker for her Aunt Daisy. She works for her and loves seeing all of the beautiful brides in the dresses that she makes for them. She also longs to have a wedding dress of her own someday.

The preview for Psycho Wedding Crasher shows Heather Morris in a way you have never seen her before. On Glee, she played a really funny character, but in this movie, she is a bit crazy and will do anything to get her way. She is living with an aunt that is abusive and is really hoping that she can find a man to marry and move on from this nightmare she is living. Jenna wants to wear a gorgeous wedding dress of her own.

Jenna will meet bride-to-be Marci and boyfriend Glenn and make the decision that Glenn is the one for her. She will do anything to make sure that he is hers. It looks like killing the bride might be the only way. The wedding will happen before it gets that far.

Lifetime movies are known for being based on a true story, but whether Psycho Wedding Crasher is based on one hasn't been revealed yet. It really does look like just a great movie on Lifetime that will keep you on your toes. They have new movies almost every Saturday and Sunday night.

Heather Morris was on the last season of Dancing With the Stars. Even though she was a fan favorite, Heather didn't end up winning with her partner Maksim Chermkovskiy. She did get a chance to go out on part of the Dancing With the Stars Live tour this summer, though. You never know where Heather is going to turn up next.