‘Outdaughtered’ News: How Can You Tell Twins Olivia And Ava Busby Apart?

When it comes to the Busby girls, some of them are easy to tell apart like Hazel with her adorable glasses and red hair. Ava and Olivia Busby of Outdaughtered are twins, though. In Touch Weekly shared how it is harder to tell the difference between these girls, but there are ways to do it. Adam even has a few issues, but he helped to explain to fans a few tips to help them out.

The Busby family is really busy with six little girls at home. Adam works a normal job, plus the reality show and they just started a business called Rush Cycle. When you have five little girls, it is hard to keep up with them all, and Adam Busby has admitted that he sometimes has trouble telling them apart.

So not long ago, Adam Busby did a blog post and explained that sometimes he has a dad fail and can’t tell the girls apart. Adam explained that one way to tell the difference between these two girls is that Ava is the bigger one. He doesn’t want to give her a complex, but that is a way to tell the difference between them. Another thing is that Olivia has curlier hair and also a birthmark on her forehead.

They have five little girls and one is a set of twins. The egg split and that is the reason that they have twins as part of their set of quints. They really do have their hands full with all of these girls, but somehow Adam and Danielle Busby are able to make it work. Honestly, if you confuse two of the girls once in a while that is the least of their problems having that many kids.

Adam Busby feels like these girls are at such a fun age. He shared that they love to laugh and feed off of each other. The fans love watching these girls and how much they are growing. On the show, Outdaughtered this week, Danielle and Adam Busby had a competition to see who could get the best picture from the girls and they showed how hard it was to get these sweet little girls to sit still.


Have you been able to tell Ava and Olivia Busby apart? Do you have a favorite Busby quint? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered on TLC.


[Featured Image by Adam Busby/Instagram]