When Is Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth Due And Was She Pregnant Before Her Wedding Date?

Joy-Anna Duggar just announced that she and husband, Austin Forsyth, are expecting their first child. This came as a surprise to no one, as all of her sisters who have been married, save Jinger, have also announced that they were pregnant roughly a few months after their wedding date. However, fans are wondering why Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband are being so tight lipped about her due date and if the young mother-to-be was already expecting the day she tied the knot.

Fans took note of Joy-Anna Duggar’s fuller figure in her spread with People and wondered if the new mother was farther along than she claimed. Some fans have also noted that Joy-Anna Duggar has been photographed with her hands in front of her stomach in almost all of her photos for the past several months. She and Austin both had their hands on her tummy for their big reveal photo, which made some fans believe she was attempting to hide how far along she actually is. The Counting On star also neglected to let in fans on her due date, which made some wonder if she was purposefully avoiding telling people when the baby would be arriving to keep fans guessing.

Before the pair were even engaged, rumors swirled that the couple were already participating in premarital sex, which would be a huge breach of the Duggar family rules. The pair never confirmed or denied the tabloid rumors, though they did address the fact that they accidentally gave one another a full-frontal hug once after Austin asked Joy to marry him.

The other clue that Joy-Anna Duggar might have been pregnant at her wedding is the fact that the pair moved it up by five months. The pair originally announced an autumn wedding, but fans were surprised to find out that they actually tied the knot at the end of May. Viewers have pointed out that Austin and Joy-Anna’s wedding seemed to have an autumnal theme to it, which would suggest that the family decided to book the church and move the wedding in a hurry to avoid any kind of public scandal.

[Featured Image by Austin and Joy Forsyth/Instagram]