Golden Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid Was A Fake, Makers Of Viral Video Confirm

Video of a supposed golden eagle that tries to snatch a kid was really a fake all along, the video’s maker said Wednesday after 24 hours of debate online.

The video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday and within hours had become a viral hit on sites like Reddit and BuzzFeed. It apparently showed a giant eagle with a wingspan of close to six feet swooping down to snatch a toddler sitting in a park in Montreal.

Shortly after it was posted, a debate broke out online over the authenticity of the eagle video. Some people noted that when slowed down, there were several discrepancies in the video that pointed to the use of CGI.

YouTube user Cyatek made a post explaining how the video was fake, saying: “Very well done CGI i must say. But it’s all it is, computer effects.”

Cyatek added a video to illustrate these computer effects, but still not everyone was convinced.

Until late Wednesday, at least. Several people noted that a Hoax the Internet contest was being held at a 3D animation school… located right in Montreal. Their assertion that the video of the eagle that tries to snatch the kid was fake later got confirmation. The students at the school who made the video stepped forward and put out a statement they made it up.

On top of their admission, several wildlife experts noted that it wasn’t actually a golden eagle in the video but instead a species of bird that doesn’t even live in North America.

Before they finally admitted that the eagle tries to snatch kid video was fake, the students at Centre NAD were able to get 1.2 million hits on YouTube. Not too shabby.