WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins Discusses Roman Reigns Rejoining The Shield In The Future

The WWE Universe recently witnessed two-thirds of the superstar team The Shield reunite, but could they add the third key member for a full reunion? A recent interview from one of the members of the well known stable gave some insight into just that. That member was none other than “The Architect” or “The Kingslayer,” Seth Rollins, who believes that there is a possibility for a full Shield to form once again in the future. That’s certainly enough to keep fans hoping that Rollins has some inside information about this happening. Here are the latest WWE rumors from what Rollins said as well as what’s going on with all of the members of The Shield in WWE.

Fan favorite Seth Rollins spoke in a recent media session near SummerSlam 2017 with well-known wrestling fan, radio host, and now, WWE personality, Sam Roberts. The session with Rollins was part of the recent episode of the popular Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast over the past week. During his interview, Rollins spoke about his previous finishing move, the “Curb Stomp” being banned, his theme music being changed, and the possibility of Roman Reigns teaming up with him and Deam Ambrose again. Rollins certainly opened the door for that potential reunion, but also downplayed it based on the fact Reigns is sort of doing his own thing right now.

Rollins and Ambrose win WWE Raw tag team titles
Since their reunion, Ambrose and Rollins have won the WWE Raw tag team titles at SummerSlam. [Image by WWE]

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had a reunion story play out over the weeks ahead of SummerSlam 2017. It ultimately came about after weeks of Ambrose questioning Rollins’ loyalty since after all, Rollins betrayed he and Reigns once before. Eventually, the reunion came about after several attacks from the WWE Raw tag team champions Sheamus and Cesaro. Rollins and Ambrose would then get booked in a match where they challenged the champions for their titles and won them. Ahead of the SummerSlam match, RauteMusik asked Rollins if he and Ambrose would help Roman Reigns out in the SummerSlam main event to win the WWE Universal Championship. Rollins told the interviewer, “Ambrose and I are focused on winning the tag team championships,” basically brushing off the idea of helping out Roman.

Sportskeeda website mentioned that Rollins told Sam Roberts that he would welcome the idea of a full Shield reunion. Rollins also suggested a “story would need to be told” for this to actually happen. Rollins said he doesn’t feel a need to rush into the reunion at this part of their careers, though. With that said, a possible way to see this sort of thing happening would be if Raw General Manager Kurt Angle booked the match where the current tag team champions, Rollins and Ambrose, team up with Reigns to take on Sheamus, Cesaro, and a third star who Reigns is feuding with. At the time, it’s John Cena, who probably wouldn’t team up with a heel pair like Sheamus and Cesaro right now. After Cena, this could work, though, depending on who Reigns is feuding with.

The main part of the original “disbanding” of The Shield appears that it was done to develop each individual superstar’s unique identity or persona in WWE. Fans have now been able to see more of the individuality of these Shield stars, with all three members having captured various individual accolades or participating in their own feuds. Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins have each held the major championship at least once, and even on the same evening. Now two-thirds of them hold championship belts together. Bringing them back together seems like something destined to happen, but as Rollins mentioned, it’s going to probably take some time.

In another interesting part of his interview with Sam Roberts, Rollins discussed how WWE added the words “Burn It Down” to the silent pause that fans used to hear in his music. Rollins said he didn’t understand why it was being done but was told: “Vince doesn’t like the pause.” Rollins mentioned he’d listened to various sound bytes they wanted to put there including a “seductive-sounding” “Kingslayer.” In the end, “Burn it down” was what seemed to win, although there are plenty of fans who were happy with the way the music was before.

That said, the previous theme music for The Shield included the use of a military-style “spelling alphabet” to spell out the word “Shield.” To be exact, it was the words “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta” voiced by each of the Shield members. It was a highly-recognizable theme with the pulsating hard rock beat following it, as well as the arrival of one of the “baddest” stables WWE fans have seen in some time.

WWE tag team The Shield on WWE Raw
All three members of The Shield are present on Raw's roster, but will fans see them join forces again? [Image by WWE]

That music now is what Roman Reigns uses, minus the call-out ahead of it. However, many fans are certainly hoping that it becomes used once again by the entire trio of The Shield with that great entrance through the crowd to the ring. Based on Rollins’ answer, and the fact it was such an over group, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen in the future. However, based on Reigns’ current situation with the huge singles push by the “powers that be,” that may take some time.

[Featured Image by WWE]