‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Peter Kraus Reportedly Cast As Next Lead Despite Initially Turning Down The Gig

Bachelor spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve reveal that despite initially saying no, Bachelorette runner-up Peter Kraus is seemingly preparing to be the lead for the next season. Fans have been speculating about this possibility for some time now, and while things could still change, it looks like Kraus fans have a lot to look forward to after all.

As Bachelorette fans remember, Peter Kraus was not ready to propose to Rachel Lindsay in the finale at the final rose ceremony, and many have speculated that she chose Dr. Bryan Abasolo because of this. Reports have indicated that the franchise very much wanted Peter as their next Bachelor lead, but he declined.

However, Reality Steve had said more than once that he didn’t think this was over yet, and now he is sharing additional information indicating that Kraus has come around. In his most recent blog post, the gossip king shared an email from a reader who had noticed some potential signs that Peter had perhaps changed his mind about being the 2018 Bachelor lead. The Bachelorette runner-up apparently was in Los Angeles over the weekend, and his father shared some tweets that also seemed to signal a change in direction.


While Reality Steve brushed off those social media hints, a short while after publishing his post, he took to Twitter and indicated that he had learned additional information. His Bachelor spoilers detail that while things sometimes change at the last minute with these casting decisions, he is hearing that Peter has changed his mind and accepted the opportunity to be the Bachelor for Season 22.

Steve added that there have been last-minute switches in the past, like when the franchise chose Nick Viall over Luke Pell when Luke had apparently signed a contract and packed his bags. Despite this, he teases Bachelor spoilers noting that he doesn’t think a switch like that will happen this time, especially since Kraus is who the franchise has wanted all along. There hasn’t appeared to be a solid second choice to lead this upcoming Bachelor season, so there is little doubt that producers pushed hard to change Peter’s mind.


Shortly after Steve tweeted his Bachelor spoilers about Peter seemingly accepting the gig after all, show creator Mike Fleiss took to Twitter with his own tease. He told followers to stand by for shocking news regarding the show. However, he has a history of teasing followers with big news and then not following through with anything terribly stunning. It’s unlikely that he’ll announce Peter or anyone else as the Bachelor lead on Twitter in the middle of the week, so people will have to stay tuned to see if he does post anything interesting on this front.

Will the show manage to throw out a twist when it comes to the Bachelor 2018 lead, or will Reality Steve’s spoilers about Peter Kraus accepting the gig pan out to be accurate? Filming usually starts in mid-September, and the next season will debut in January. What do you think about having Kraus as the Bachelor star this winter?

[Featured Image by Peter Kraus/Instagram]