Rich Piana’s Death: Girlfriend Chanel Jansen Tells How Bodybuilder Died, But Gives No Cause Of Death [Video]

The sudden death of bodybuilder Rich Piana caused an outpouring of grief and memories, as well as questions about Piana’s cause of death. As reported by the Inquisitr, more than one million people searched for information about Rich as news of his death broke. Piana’s estranged wife, Sara Piana, posted a tribute on Instagram — and made sure to tell her followers that she was still legally married to Rich when he died. The death of bodybuilder Dallas McCarver also rocked the fitness world, even as Dallas’ WWE girlfriend — Dana Brooke — said she was comforted by a sign McCarver sent her after his death.

Now Chanel Jansen is speaking out more about the death of Piana. Jansen uploaded the following video to Piana’s YouTube account on Wednesday, August 30. Titled “CLEARING UP RUMORS | MY TIME WITH RICH,” the video has quickly gone viral, as Chanel tearfully explains what happened the day that Rich passed out in front of Chanel. Jansen explains that Rich had just asked her to cut his hair — something Chanel said she has done before. Jansen criticized folks who asked why Piana would have Chanel cut his hair, when he could afford to pay for the most expensive haircuts in pricey salons. However, it was that fateful day when Chanel began to cut Rich’s hair when everything changed.

Rich stretched his neck, and Chanel thought Piana was simply stretching his muscles. However, Jansen said she soon knew something was wrong – and that Piana wasn’t simply stretching. Instead, Piana would eventually have labored breathing and collapse. Chanel thought he was suffering some of type of sleep apnea moment so she rolled Piana on his side, but once she called 911, Chanel learned that she needed to begin CPR on Rich.

The 911 operator talked Chanel through rolling Rich over on his back and applying chest compressions. Jansen said she was jumping or bouncing on Rich with all her might in an effort to get his heart beating once more and to help Rich breathe. Chanel said she had the 911 operator on the speaker phone, and she could tell by the call logs that it took approximately 10 minutes for EMTs to arrive. Once they did, they told Chanel the sad news that Piana had not been revived and his blood pressure was in trouble.

Rich PIana
[Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Company, Vlad Yudin]

Upon hearing the news from the paramedics about Piana, Chanel said that she became very emotional, collapsed in the sink in the bathroom where she was cutting his hair, and eventually collapsed outside. The paramedics had to tend to Piana as well as Jansen. Eventually, Piana was placed in a medically-induced coma, during which time Chanel played him all sorts of music in an effort to revive him.

Chanel wanted to set the record straight about the “white powder” reportedly found in Rich’s house. Jansen said that it was only a pre-workout substance that Piana used to snort — not cocaine. And the fact that 20 bottles of steroids were found in Piana’s home was not unusual for the bodybuilder who was so open about his steroid use. Jansen said those 20 bottles might have lasted Rich all year.

However, Chanel didn’t go into news about Piana’s autopsy, toxicology reports nor his actual cause of death, as explained by a medical examiner. Chanel cried when she spoke of holding Rich’s hand near the moment that he died and how she told the nurses to let her know when he was leaving this Earth.

[Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Company, Vlad Yudin]

[Featured Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Company, Vlad Yudin]