Male Lions Try To Have Sex – Or Are Just Horsing Around: Photographer Russ Bridges Catches Interaction

The Internet is going crazy over photos of two male lions who appear to attempt to have sex – or, are just horsing around – as a female lion looks on. As a result, a whole lot of quips about “gay pride” are being made online. As reported by the Daily Mail, two male lions look like they are trying to have sex – much to the confusion of the lioness. After one male lion mounted another male lion and stuck his tongue out, the scene captured by photographer Russ Bridges at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster has gone viral. The Daily Mail article has been shared more than 63,000 times on social media.

According to the Independent, Bridges is an amateur wildlife photographer who captured a display that apparently isn’t oftentimes seen in nature by the human eye. That article has been shared more than 45,000 times on social media. The pride of lions is comprised of the two males and one female, and the viral moment happened when one of the male lions quickly got up and jumped on the back of the other male lion. Quite a few observers were there, taking in the whole scene of the lion’s behavior.


The male lion might have found the other male lion a bit more friendly than the female lion. According to witnesses, the female lion would snarl and use her paw to take swipes at the faces of the male lions whenever one of the male lions approached the female lion. Although it appears that the male lion possibly attempting to mate with the other male lion is odd behavior not often seen, experts claim that the act of aggressive play isn’t all that unusual for male lions who want to practice dominance games.

Bridges is a 42-year-old man who has taken photos of lions at the wildlife park in the past, but since it was the first time he witnessed lions acting in that manner, he decided to take photos of the event. Russ said that the lions usually lounge around and sleep when he is there. This time, he caught male lions playing around in a manner that has resonated with many people.


[Featured Image by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/AP Images]