‘GH’ Spoilers: Sam Under Stress After Jason Takes Bullet For Her, Will She Go Mad Again, Seeing ‘Two Jasons’?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Jason (Billy Miller) is shot in the chest while trying to protect Sam (Kelly Monaco) during a mob shootout involving Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). The incident brings back to Sam fears that surfaced during an episode of toxoplasmosis-induced hallucinations that Sonny is a threat to her family due to his mob links.

General Hospital buzz and rumors tease that Sam sees Burton’s character in Port Charles for the first time while under great stress as Jason recovers on hospital bed. Will she think she is hallucinating again when she sees a man whose face resembles Jason’s old face?

Jason Takes A Bullet In The Chest For Sam

A new promo video (see below) shows Jason and Sonny involved in a mob shootout. Sam walks into the room in the midst of the shootout. A gun is fired and Jason is forced to dive in front of Sam to take the bullet for her. The bullet hits Jason in the chest. He falls to the ground in a pool of his own on blood. Sam and Sonny struggle frantically to deliver first aid before help arrives.

Poor Sam becomes frantic as Jason remains unresponsive despite efforts to revive him. She cries and begs him to open his eyes, but he makes no response.

Of course, GH fans know that Jason will survive his latest ordeal. He is rushed to General Hospital where he undergoes an emergency surgery to remove the bullet and treat the nearly fatal wound. The bullet apparently missed his heart by only fractions of an inch.

Sam Saw It Coming

Jason takes the bullet for Sam soon after she expresses concern about his safely. She tells Jason that a part of her died when he was shot on the pier years ago. Jason reassures Sam that he would try to stay safe for her sake. However, he is soon dragged into mob violence with Sonny.


Sam came to full awareness of the source of her fears about Sonny and what caused her to shoot him during an episode of psychosis induced by toxoplasmosis infection during a counseling session with Doctor Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery). After Maddox helped Sam to realize the source of her fears about Sonny, she tried to overcome her subconsciously held belief that Sonny is a danger to her family. However, after Jason is shot while fighting side-by-side with Sonny and ends up in the hospital in need of an emergency surgery, Sam cannot help thinking that her worst fears about Sonny might have come true at last. Sam under feels under great stress. However, Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) rally round her to give the support she needs.


Sam Under Great Stress — Is She Seeing Double?

Fans are speculating based on previous hints from Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam, that the latest incident is intended to set things up for the introduction of Burton’s character. Kelly’s recent tweet which included an image (see below) captioned “Deuces,” meaning “Twos” or “Double,” suggests that Burton’s character makes his first appearance in Port Charles in circumstances linked with Jason’s (Billy Miller) latest accident.


It possible that Sam is the first to see the character while Jason is recovering on hospital bed after surgery. When she spots a man whose face strikingly resembles Jason’s old face, she might well think that the stress she is suffering due to Jason’s accident is affecting her mind and that she has relapsed into psychotic hallucinations.

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