‘LPBW’ Star Matt Roloff Hangs Out With Sons Zach And Jeremy While Waiting For Grandchild #2

The countdown to baby girl Roloff’s arrival has officially started! Jeremy and Audrey’s first child is due any time now, and the entire Little People, Big World family is beyond excited. LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff just posted an adorable photo of him and his two eldest sons, Zach and Jeremy, while waiting for his second grandchild.

“Hanging out with Jer and Zach tonight,” Matt wrote in the photo’s caption.

“Counting down the days/hours until Audrey and Jeremy have their baby girl.”

In the picture, which was taken on Tuesday night, the three boys were bonding over a camp fire at the Roloff Farms. For fans of the family’s long-running TLC reality show, seeing the three Roloff men together in this way is surely an emotional scene. Zach and Jeremy were only teenagers when Little People, Big World first aired back in 2006. Now, the two are married and are starting their own families.

As for Matt, Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl will make the 55-year-old reality star a second-time grandpa! This is a role he clearly loves, as he’s always seen doting over Zach and Tori’s baby Jackson on social media.

Last weekend, Matt Roloff took a flight out of Oregon for an undisclosed trip. Coincidentally, Zach and Tori also left for California to visit Tori’s grandmother and tour Disneyland. Meanwhile, Amy Roloff also posted on Instagram that she’s taking a road trip to Canada around the same time.

Naturally, LPBW fans were concerned that Jeremy and Audrey might welcome their baby without their family. Some even speculated that Matt and Amy favor Zach over Jeremy because they were both present during baby Jackson’s birth last May.

Amy Roloff quickly slammed such allegations and responded to fans’ comments on her Facebook page. She assured fans that she will be there to love Jeremy and Audrey’s girl when she arrives.

“Just because I and my family put our lives on tv doesn’t mean respect decency and kindness goes out the window. Matt is away, Zach and Tori and myself. We love Jer and Auj and can’t wait to meet baby girl. She could arrive early, on time or late. We’ll all be there to love her bunches.”

Matt’s latest post confirms that he and Zach are now back at the Roloff Farms to give Jeremy their full support when he finally welcomes his first child. Audrey’s exact due date is on Thursday, Aug. 31. She has previously stated that LPBW will not be filming her labor and delivery.

Little People, Big World is slated to premiere with a new season in September on TLC.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]