‘BB19’ Paul Abrahamian Gets Hit With Weight Bar, Injures Self

This year on Big Brother 19 there have been several injuries. Tonight it was Paul Abrahamian who ended up getting hurt. Paul was outside when he got hit in the face with a weight bar. Jokers Updates was explaining what happened on the live feeds on their Twitter feed. Viewers also saw it all on Pop on Big Brother After Dark.

Paul Abrahamian explained that he lifted one of the weights up and then one of the weights came off and hit him in the head. Paul ended up getting called to the diary room a few times during the night and the other houseguests were telling him that he should put ice on his face. They were also telling the houseguests not to go to sleep, but it was 10:30 at night, which made everyone think that they might not want Paul to sleep because of fear of a concussion.

Paul actually said that this weight hit him by the eye and even said that he hoped it didn’t give him a concussion. Paul moaned in pain more than once, but he really does seem to be okay. Considering that Christmas had to have surgery on her foot and was able to stay in the house, it doesn’t look like this injury is anything that could take Paul out of the BB19 game.

Morty’s TV shared that Christmas tried to give Paul a pain pill, but Paul was afraid that it could end up giving him a brain bleed if he took it. So far, it hasn’t been confirmed if Big Brother 19 is going to pull him out of the house to go to the doctor and get checked out or not.

He was able to come in second last season, but then CBS brought Paul back into the Big Brother 19 house to compete once again. The Inquisitr already shared this season that some fans feel like the game could be rigged so that Paul can win it all. No matter what he does, he has been able to avoid being a target so far this season.


Are you surprised by all of the injuries this season on Big Brother 19? Do you feel like they need to be a bit more careful? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of BB19 on CBS.


[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]