‘Dance Moms’ Laurieann Gibson Lashes Out On Camryn’s Mother

Dance Moms has another heated episode as new choreographer Laurieann Gibson loses her temper in tonight’s episode. Camryn Bridges’ mother has left the costume at home, and that’s not acceptable.

When Laurieann asked the moms to get the costumes so they could do a run-through, Camille Bridges approached her to tell her that they left Camryn’s dress at home. The choreographer blows up, asking how on earth she forgot her child’s dress. “How do you forget the basketball game day? How do you forget your glove when you’re at the World Series? How on good God’s grace of an Earth did you forget the child’s costume?” Gibson lashes out, via Life & Style.

Then she turns to Camryn, asking her how she could let her mother forget her dress. She pointed out that this is her career and her life. “Now, guess what? No dress, no number,” Laurieann added.

Last week, the team failed to win under Laurieann, who is just filling in for Dancing With the Stars alum Cheryl Burke. Fans slammed Gibson on the official Facebook fan page of the show. “This might have been the single handed most ridiculous and pointless routine ever done at ALDC. Give the choreography back to Gia!” one fan wrote. Others called for the return of former ALDC choreographer Gianna Martello or Abby Lee Miller, saying that Laurieann made the girls look like fools on stage.

Gia left earlier this year because she felt it is about time to go. Still, she hinted about a possible return. Abby, meanwhile, is currently serving her 366-day prison time for being guilty of bankruptcy fraud charges.


This week on Dance Moms, Laurieann is determined to win in their latest competition in Fresno. Brynn goes on stage first for her solo, which earned praises from Laurieann who called her dance magical. Kalani also dances solo and the audience goes wild. The girls and their moms are happy.

Unfortunately, they ended up second place, which got Laurieann angry. She told the girls that they need to focus on their performance and themselves and leave out all the drama between their mothers. The mothers started fighting again, and Laurieann breaks down in tears. She doesn’t think she can go on with all of this.


It is not yet clear when Cheryl’s first episode with Dance Moms will air, but fans are surely looking forward to it and how she would handle the girls. In her interview on The Steve Harvey Show back in June, via Life & Style, she said, “I don’t scream or yell — I don’t believe in that. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still — from people that have seen me on Dancing with the Stars — I am still strict, I’m stern and I expect the best out of my students. But I do it in a way that’s loving and it’s caring, and I try not to intimidate them or traumatize the kids.”

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]