‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bryan Craig Romance Alert – ‘GH’ Alumni Dating ‘Valor’ Co-Star Christina Ochoa?

General Hospital spoilers for Bryan Craig, former Morgan Corinthos portrayer, tease that the hunky actor might have a new leading lady in his life. Earlier today, Bryan shared a photo from behind the scenes of his new CW military thriller Valor, and he was looking pretty cozy with leading lady Christina Ochoa. Of course, this could have just been co-workers bonding over a beautiful sunrise – or it could be the spark of a new romance. Here’s what you need to know about Bryan’s (possible) new lady.

Christina Ochoa is female lead in Bryan’s new show

Christina Ochoa plays Nora Madani, the female lead in Valor, opposite Matt Barr who plays a character named Gallo. The CW thriller is set at an Army base where helicopter pilots and crew of the elite Night Raiders special ops unit train for top-secret missions. The show is currently being filmed in Atlanta. Nora and Gallo are co-pilots that led a mission in Somalia that went bad resulting in two soldiers getting left behind.

Deadline reported on Valor that there’s a secret about the failed mission that the pair have kept hidden from the Army and it’s about to explode. If the gorgeous Ochoa looks familiar, it’s because she was featured in the TNT series Animal Kingdom. IMDB has not updated Bryan Craig’s character name for Valor yet, but he’s a series regular on the CW show and has been in Atlanta filming episodes for the series for several weeks.

Bryan Craig reportedly single, ready to mingle?

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Bryan Craig’s engagement to his former GH costar Kelly Thiebaud was called off last year. Neither actor commented on the split, and no explanation was given for their canceled wedding. Bryan and Kelly met on the GH set, and although their characters never dated, they launched a behind the scenes romance.

Kelly played Dr. Britt Westbourne, a scheming doc, while Bryan played Morgan, a troubled son of the local mob boss. The duo had an age gap that some fans theorized contributed to their split. Bryan will be 26 soon while Kelly Thiebaud turned 35 yesterday. The couple got engaged in May 2016 and set a wedding date for May 2017. The two stopped posting on each other’s social media in late 2016.

Christina Ochoa – very famous fiancé in her past

Bryan isn’t the only one with a broken engagement in his past. His Valor co-star Christina Ochoa was engaged to Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly, Modern Family, etc.) and was in a relationship that lasted from 2013 to 2014. After Christina and the Castle star split, she dated Baby Daddy‘s Derek Theler for two years from 2014 to 2016, reportedly splitting up in early 2016.

Other fun facts to know about Christina Ochoa are that in addition to being beautiful, she’s brilliant as a card-carrying MENSA member. Her great uncle is a Nobel prize winner, and the gorgeous Spaniard is a science buff with a Masters in physics. She’s also an advocate for science education frequently volunteering with SSP (Science for Society and the Public) and Scirens (Screen Sirens for Science).

No confirmation of romance, just some hints

General Hospital spoilers for Bryan Craig’s romantic life say there is no confirmation of a romance between Bryan Craig and Christina Ochoa. There’s the one photo of him hoisting her for a sunrise piggyback ride and a couple of tags to Bryan on Christina’s IG account. In one, she posted a photo of Bryan on the set with two co-stars sitting in one of the Valor helos.

The other is a shot of Christina ringside at the Mayweather-McGregor fight quipping that Bryan owes her $20. He must have bet on McGregor with his sexy co-star. Bryan teased back with a recent IG clip (see above) of him doing pistol tricks behind the scenes at Valor and tagged Christina teasing “your move…” after showing off his awesome small arms skills.

Perhaps Bryan and Christina found love behind the scenes of CW’s Valor or they could just be cordial co-stars. Either way, GH fans miss Bryan as Morgan and wish him good luck in the future. Tune into the CW on Monday, October 9 at 9 p.m. to see Christina Ochoa and Bryan Craig on Valor and watch GH to see more on Jason’s surgery plot twist, the Kristina-Valerie brewing lady love, a possible OLTL crossover, and other hot General Hospital spoilers.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]