Melania Trump Changes Shoes After Critics Pan Her Decision To Wear 5-Inch Heels To Hurricane-Ravaged Texas

Melania Trump sparked a controversy when she was spotted wearing 5-inch stilettos and a designer jacket on a trip to hurricane-ravaged Texas, but now the First Lady is shooting back at her critics — and wearing different shoes.

Pictures circulated on Tuesday showing Melania wearing an olive designer jacket and black heels while boarding Air Force One in Washington, attire that many saw as inappropriate for a trip to a natural disaster that has caused widespread destruction and loss of life. The pictures of Melania in her high heels went viral across social media, prompting plenty of criticism and jokes from opponents of Donald Trump.

The First Lady is not taking the criticism lying down. On Tuesday, her office released an official response calling those critics “sad.”

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” the first lady’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told Fox News via email.

Critics had claimed that the outfit was a sign that Melania Trump — as well as her husband, President Donald Trump — are out of touch with the plight of the everyday Americans who happened to be in the path of Hurricane Harvey. The storm was one of the strongest to hit Texas in years, and stalled over the state while dumping record amounts of rainfall.

The hurricane left a giant swath of the state flooded, with Houston being hit the worst. The situation worsened on Tuesday, with water breaching a levee south of Houston and endangering more lives. As CNN reported, the levee breach led to more evacuations.

President Trump and the First Lady were not traveling to Houston, instead visiting Corpus Christi and Austin, which were also hit but not as hard. CNN reported that the White House said they did not want to create more logistical problems for an area where all of the resources are focused on rescue efforts.

Critics said Melania Trump’s high heels and designer jacket were an insensitive choice when visiting a disaster.


There were others who came to Melania Trump’s defense, however. Some noted how critics on the left defended Michelle Obama when conservatives attacked her choice of dress, only to do the same to Melania.


The criticism may have reached Melania Trump. Reports indicated that when she and Donald Trump departed from Air Force One, Melania Trump was wearing a different set of shoes.

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