Duggar Family News: Jana Duggar Goes Wedding Dress Shopping With Twin For Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell

The next one in the Duggar family to get married is Joseph. The 22-year-old Duggar proposed to Kendra Caldwell just minutes after Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding and now, they are looking into October for their official wedding date. To prepare for the big day, the couple enlisted Jana and her twin, John David, to find a wedding dress.

Just last week, the Duggars visited Kentucky to score a dress for Kendra. To make sure that she picks the perfect one, Jana, her twin John David, Michelle Duggar and more flew out to give helping hand.

It was good to see that the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who has never publicly courted anyone before, was still engaged in the family activities, even though it may be hard to see another one of her younger siblings get married.

It is likely that the family will reveal the whole process of picking out Kendra’s wedding dress in the upcoming season of Jill & Jessa Counting On. While Joseph and Kendra were not one of the three couples featured on the promotional Facebook page of the show, TLC has been keeping the fans up-to-date on their engagement. So it is likely that they will get a good amount of air time on their union.

On the other hand, Jana Duggar has been getting less and less attention, both on TLC and on her family’s Facebook page. In the start of 2017, the 27-year-old daughter was often featured on the page. However, as the year folded into summer and now fall, Jana has fallen to the wayside as the new couples hog the spotlight.

So when she appeared on this wedding dress trip, the fans were happy to see her.

“Jana is beautiful,” a follower called Katharine Albertson commented underneath the picture. “She always looks great. John David looks more out [sic] together than usual.”

Another fan chimed in, “Jana knows how to dress.”

Meanwhile, most of the attention is on Joseph and Kendra, who are getting married in October 2017. They recently unveiled engagement photos, in anticipating for their wedding.

“We are super excited,” the couple said to People Magazine. “It’s great to not be courting anymore, now we’re engaged!”

“I’m so happy and so shocked. There’s so many words I want to say, but just shocked,” Kendra said while Joseph added, “I was definitely nervous going into it, but I wasn’t afraid that she was going to say no, because she has said, ‘I’m just waiting on you!'”

But before they get hitched, it is likely that Counting On fans will get to see Josh and Anna Duggar’s new baby. His wife is expecting his fifth child in late August or early September. The couple made news earlier this month when they flew to visit the Christian rehab center that he attended when the scandals broke out in 2015.

[Featured Image by Pickles4Truth/Facebook]