‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Maya Hires Surrogate For Nicole – Sasha Back To Help?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise there’s more baby mama drama coming soon for Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) and Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). Next week, Maya suggests a drastic action to husband Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) to deal with the friction in the family ever since Nicole discovered she has secondary infertility. Maya’s idea promises to be a shocker, but what is on her mind?

Maya notices Nicole’s continued obsession

Bold spoilers from Soap Central for the week of September 4 promise that Maya continues to be “unnerved” by baby Lizzie’s connection to Nicole. There’s the fact that Nicole is Lizzie’s biological mother, but there’s also the event a while back when Lizzie called Nicole “mama” while Maya was away in Paris for a photo shoot. It seems the baby issues are alive and well for the Avants.

Some B&B theorists have suggested Maya might do something nasty to Nicole, but that is highly doubtful. Nicole gave Maya the gift of motherhood, and there’s no way she will slap her sister in the face by doing something terrible. Plus, in that tearful confrontation at the Forrester mansion, Maya told Nicole she wouldn’t fight her over Lizzie, and Nicole relented, despite their dad’s protest.


Maya wants Nicole to be a mom

Instead, the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Maya’s suggestion to Rick will be about helping Nicole achieve her goal of becoming a mommy. It was convenient that Maya had Nicole to use as a surrogate, but there are other options out there. Maya needed an egg since she’s transgender and has no ovaries. Nicole has eggs to spare, but her uterus was damaged giving birth to Lizzie.

It’s a simple matter for Maya and Rick to find a surrogate to carry Nicole and Zende Forrester’s (Rome Flynn, for now) biological child. It might be that Maya decides to begin the surrogate selection process as a surprise for her sister. Maya desperately wants Nicole to have the experience of being a mother and feels terrible that giving birth to Lizzie wrecked Nicole’s chances at carrying another child.


Maya sees a new surrogate as a win-win

Bold spoilers say Maya thinks Nicole getting a biological child via surrogate as the best solution to their dilemma. Nicole and Zende would have a biological kid, Maya could stop feeling so guilty, and Lizzie would grow up with a cousin. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any confusion as to whom Lizzie should be calling mama. Zende said he was open to adoption since he’s adopted, but Nicole wants a baby that’s hers.

Maya and Rick can help make that happen since they have the money and connections to find a suitable surrogate. Of course, hiring a surrogate for someone isn’t the same thing as buying them a couch or a puppy. This is life-changing stuff, but by taking the first step, even if Nicole decides to wait and try a surrogate later, it might lift her spirits about her infertility diagnosis and her future with Zende.


Rome Flynn leaving, Felisha Cooper returns?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed earlier this month that CBS Daytime was casting a 20-something African-American male for B&B. Given the confirmation that Rome Flynn chose to leave Bold, it seems pretty likely this will be a replacement, so Nicole keeps her husband and he gets a new face. Will there also be a familiar face returning soon? Could it be that Maya might ask their other sister to help?

Sasha Thompson portrayer Felisha Cooper landed a POP TV show called Swedish Dicks, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have time to pop in from time to time as sultry sister Sasha. Just as Nicole carried a baby for Maya, maybe Sasha would carry one for Nicole. Sasha wants her family’s forgiveness, so that’s one way to achieve it. We’ll find out more next week when Maya makes her suggestion to Rick.

Check back for more on Bill’s fate after the fire at Spectra, the drama coming when Katie’s lover is finally revealed, and lots more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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