‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Shares What’s Inside Her Hospital Bag Days Before Due Date

Little People, Big World fans are on full baby alert as Audrey Roloff is literally days away from her due date! The 26-year-old reality star can actually give birth any moment now, and she recently updated her blog one last time before her baby girl comes.

“I wanted to get a quick update out before baby girl is here with us in this world!”

Audrey Roloff has been gearing up for labor day, and she revealed in her blog post that she’s got everything ready for whenever the baby decides to come out. She is due on Thursday, Aug. 31, but since she will be pushing for a natural labor as opposed to having a C-section, the baby may arrive either earlier or later.

Audrey’s Hospital Bag Checklist

The excited mom-to-be shared that she has already packed her hospital bag, which includes essential oils to help her relax during labor. Audrey is known to be fond of natural oils and eco-friendly products and has always promoted these on her social media accounts.

“I’ve got all my oils for labor, delivery, and baby girl all packed and labeled! I made smaller sample bottle versions of the big oils so I didn’t have to transport a giant oils bag to the hospital.”


Audrey listed the oils she’s bringing with her to the hospital. Her arsenal includes clary sage to help induce labor, jasmine to “speed up” contractions as well as valor and helichrysum, which are known to help a woman have a safe delivery. She’s also packed calming and stress relievers such as lavender and frankincense, which her newborn may also be able to use.

Audrey’s hospital bag also includes other regular necessities for both mommy and baby such as robes, slippers, underwear, socks, and toiletries. She’s also added a few nice-to-haves that will make her feel pampered and relaxed at the hospital: her Spotify playlist and speakers, Scripture affirmations, and her favorite pillow.

Third Trimester Highlights

In her blog, Audrey also wrote a recap of her third trimester of pregnancy and looked back on some of the past months’ highlights. In July, she and husband Jeremy Roloff took a beach trip for her 26th birthday. And on her 37th week, she attended her sister-in-law Molly’s wedding at the Roloff Farms.

“My sister-in-law Molly got married at the beginning of August! I was 37 weeks pregnant and in the wedding and it was 90 degrees that day… yikes… but her wedding was beautiful, she was stunning, and God was glorified.”

On her 38th week, the LPBW couple finally moved into their new house. Audrey stated that they still haven’t completely finished the renovation, but they wanted to welcome their baby into their own home when she arrives.

Currently, Audrey is just waiting for first signs of labor. According to the LPBW star, she’s relishing these last few moments she has with Jeremy. Little People, Big World has also resumed filming for the upcoming new season, although Audrey has stated in a previous interview with Us Weekly that the reality show won’t be filming her delivery.

“At this point, I’m planning on it only being our midwife, Jeremy, and our doula. We will have family and friends outside anxiously waiting, I’m sure!”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]