Jessa Duggar Seewald’s Instagram Reveals Baby Spurgeon’s Speech May Be Late, But Baby Henry Ahead Of Curve

Jessa Duggar is busy caring for her two babies, Spurgeon and Henry. She posts regular updates on her kids, showing how they are growing day to day. However, the latest video of her eldest son caught the attention of her Instagram followers, who noticed that he may be behind on his speech development.

Spurgeon Seewald was born in November, just a year after Jessa Duggar got married to Ben Seewald. He was their first baby, and she remarked how easy the delivery was. Less than a year later, she got pregnant with baby Henry, to whom she gave birth this past February.

Having two baby boys in the house means that there is no time for Jessa to do much else, so she has been posting lots of videos and photos of her kids playing and looking cute. However, the most recent video of Spurgeon seemed to have alarmed some of her fans.

The video shows Jessa in the car with Spurgeon as he is testing out all the knobs and buttons on the dashboard. While it showed his spirited characteristics and cheery attitude, it also revealed that he was not talking yet.

“Isn’t spurgeon two years old now?” A fan asked in the comment section. “[H]e seems way behind other kids.”

Other fans refuted this claim that somehow Spurgeon was late in his development by saying that he still has time.

“I studied infant/ toddler development and have an early ed degree,” a fan wrote. “This baby isn’t even two yet and there is nothing wrong with how he was behaving.”

Another follower quipped, “Children talk at different ages and since he won’t be two for several more months, right on track!”

On the other hand, baby Henry seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting his growth goals. For the past few months, he has been growing and gaining weight at a remarkable rate, to a point where he seems to be the same size as his older brother.

Many of the fans commented just how “chubby” baby Henry was and how he even seemed a little “overweight.” Most of them noted just how “healthy” he seemed and that he takes after his “beautiful” parents.

The 24-year-old Duggar has recently been under fire for being a bad parent. She was seen carrying baby Henry in front of her, and the fans commented that it could give him hip dysphasia. She also has shown on Instagram that she dedicates a lot of her time toward entertaining her kids.

[Featured Image by Ben Seewald/Instagram]