‘Dragon Ball Super’ Clip Reveals Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form [Video]

Two weeks ago, images surfaced online of the new Super Saiyan form for Goku in this season’s Dragon Ball Super. The images weren’t just a tease as they showed Goku in a drawn photo still. However, now there is a much better look as a new video clip from Dragon Ball Super has hit the Internet that shows Goku’s actual transformation and a good look at this new Super Saiyan form.

The new Goku Super Saiyan form

Not only did the video show the new Goku Super Saiyan form but it also indicated when that will show up on Dragon Ball Super. The video was a teaser for the Dragon Ball Super & One Piece One Hour Special. While there is no word on when this episode will air or an English translation of the synopsis, Comicbook.com reports that it might air on Oct. 8.

There are also thoughts that this new form for Goku will finally lead to the much-anticipated battle against Jiren, something that Dragon Ball Super has avoided up until now. While Goku has wanted this fight, Jiren has avoided the battle since he doesn’t consider Goku a threat. A new form like this might cause the Universe 11 champion to change his mind.

The video clip shows a lot of detail concerning the new Super Saiyan form for Goku. While it is not named yet, Goku gets new hair in the transformation and he also has a white-blue aura floating around him as well as red energy rising from his body.

What could this mean for Dragon Ball Super?

The big thing about this new Super Saiyan form for Goku is that it looks like it will finally put him in direct competition against Jiren. This is something fans have been waiting for all season long. The battle is considered “limit-breaking” and will have a huge influence on the ongoing Tournament of Power.


Another interesting trait of the new Super Saiyan form is that Goku’s eyes have turned silver. Dragon Ball Super fans know that this is similar to another form and that is the one of Zamasu, a Kai. There has been some speculation that this transformation will finally allow Goku to become a Kai as well.


Whatever it means, the video clip itself proves that this new Super Saiyan form is coming and things are about to get interesting in the Tournament of Power on Dragon Ball Super.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]