‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Matt And Raven The Most Disgusting ‘BB’ Houseguests Ever?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from social media indicate that of any showmance couple that has been on the CBS reality show since its inception, it seems that fans believe overwhelmingly that Matt and Raven are the ickiest. A quick search of #Maven on Twitter, the smush name for Matt and Raven’s coupling, and you find near universal dislike of this couple. Sure some Big Brother showmances are more popular than others, but these two have inspired lots of bile and ire online. Here’s a look at the top issues that BB fans have with Matt and Raven.

1 – Raven’s (alleged) lies

The trending hashtag #RavenExposedParty is popular on Twitter, and the same subject has gained traction on YouTube and in Big Brother Facebook groups. Essentially, the point of the Raven Exposed Party is to bust her dishonesty. Some of the common subjects include alleged exaggerations of her health concerns, but those are the tip of the iceberg. Raven has also claimed she and her mother are both in Mensa, that her mother is a record-breaking runner, that Raven was in training for the Olympics, and other exaggerations.

Big Brother 12‘s Matt Hoffman logged into his Mensa account to vet her genius claim and verified she’s not among their member logs. Christmas and Paul hosted a Raven Exposed Party over the weekend, and you can see a curated collection of the fibs in the video above including her “inverted spine,” her mother being struck by lightning, and so much more.

2 – Matt’s shirts, cereal, and other oddities

Big Brother 19 viewing tells us it’s not just Raven that has weirdness working. Matt won’t wear shirts with sleeves, he’s an admitted cold cereal crack addict, and has a compulsion to get up every night and clean up the kitchen. Plus, many BB19 fans question what’s wrong with Matt that Raven’s eccentricities don’t bother him. Buddy TV went in on Matt for not playing hard and being happy to come in second place. Plus, he’s been virtually mute the entirety of Big Brother until the most recent HoH and Veto Ceremony when he went after Jason.

To cap off what should be Matt’s last week in the Big Brother 19 house, it seems he’s planning to hijack the vote by earning penalty eviction votes by chowing down on whatever he wants to eat while a Have Not. To be fair, BB fans knew Matt couldn’t live on slop alone when he’s addicted to the crunchy goodness in a bowl.

3 – Raven’s medical claims

Big Brother 19 spoilers show that many houseguests and fans doubt the severity of Raven’s constant claims about her medical woes. It does seem legit that she has gastroparesis and a stomach pacemaker. Her mom shared a video on Facebook of Raven post-op and, to be fair, the pain looks excruciating. However, beyond her core disease, there are other claims galore. A recent illness she mentioned is “rough knee cap syndrome” which is a real thing, but judging by her hopping around the house and wearing sky-high heels, this could be a dubious claim.

Raven also told Paul she has an “inverted spine” which is a non-existent condition and BB19 watchers saw her claim she has “earwax cough” causing her to cough when she cleans her ears (except when no one is around then the hygiene process is silent). Raven told Christmas a week ago that an unnamed disease is making her bones deteriorate. If all this is true, it’s strange she got medical clearance to play Big Brother.

4 – Raven and Matt’s DNA drawer

Big Brother 19 live feeds watchers recently saw a group discussion among Paul, Jason, Alex, Josh and Kevin about Matt and Raven’s in-house mating habits. Kevin doubted they were really getting busy, but Josh went on an exploratory mission into the room where the showmance usually sleeps and found something disturbing, unhygienic, and downright scary in their bedside table. Josh found a stash of used condoms hidden there – which had been collecting for what looks like weeks. You can see the video here.

Regular Big Brother 19 episode watchers will see on the veto comp night, because it was the tear up the house, hide and seek challenge, which some clueless or (trouble making) houseguest dumped the condom drawer. It will be interesting to see if that makes it onto the edited CBS episode. Likely not, but a flashback to the feeds afterward might be fun to watch.

5 – That towel incident (and boogers)!

There is also the “towelgate” incident that doesn’t bear repeating in polite company, but can be easily found on YouTube by searching BB19 towel. It’s easy to tell which result is the one under intense discussion in the Big Brother Reddit group, on Twitter, and in BB Facebook groups. But that one towel incident wasn’t the only time BB19 watchers have been made queasy about Matt’s towel habits. Last night on the Live Feeds, Matt and Raven got into a fight in the kitchen involving throwing cinnamon and milk.

After the two destroyed the kitchen last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Matt grabbed a towel and went to work using his feet to clean up sloshed milk and cinnamon. Sounds like a great thing to do – cleaning up after hi-jinks. But then he picked the towel up off of the floor and cleaned out the inside of the milk lid and put it back on the container. That sparked outrage on Twitter right away.

On the most recent episode of BB19, CBS included the Raven Exposed Party in the edited footage. Many BB19 fans took that as confirmation that the network knows Raven’s claims are (at least in part) over-inflated. The controversy will no doubt continue on social media, but perhaps some of the intensity will die down as either Matt or Raven will be evicted this week because Jason chose not to uses the Power of Veto. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and updates.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]