‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Slams MTV: You Turned ‘Great Moments Into S**t’

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has seemingly had enough of MTV’s editing. The reality star spoke out on Twitter about the way the show was portraying her and her family, and slammed them for bad editing yet again.

According to Chelsea’s Twitter account, Houska is not happy with the network. The Teen Mom 2 star went on a rant about the episode scheduled to air on Monday night saying that she had “tried” her hardest to keep quiet about her feelings on the current season of the show, but after watching the latest episode she couldn’t be quiet anymore. Houska claims that show “turned sweet great moments into s**t.”

Chelsea Houska added that MTV had taken Aubree’s behavior and turned into something that it is not. The Teen Mom 2 star says that the show took every time her daughter was acting up like a normal 7-year-old and turned it into her acting out because of her new baby brother, Watson, or because Chelsea was ignoring her due to the baby, calling the entire thing “horse s**t.”

Houska went on to say that MTV needed a storyline for for Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, so Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer agreed to talk about having baby fever so soon after the birth of their son. However, the scene was allegedly “cut down” to Chelsea snapping at Aubree after she wasn’t listening. The reality TV mom also revealed that she’s “sick” of the show filming “great things and cute things” only to edit it to make drama out of nothing and add some dramatic music to push it over the top. “They tell us to trust them with our story,” Houska revealed.


As many Teen Mom 2 fans know, Chelsea Houska isn’t the only member of the cast who has called out the show for bad editing. Nearly every cast member has had some sort of complaint about editing over the course of the series’ run. However, it looks like Chelsea is reaching her wits end with filming the show, and she may decided to end her reality TV career very soon.


Recently Teen Mom 2 brought Briana DeJesus in as the fifth cast member, and if Chelsea decided to leave the show there would be more than enough footage of the other moms to keep the episodes flowing. Many fans believe that because Houska is doing well that her life just isn’t as dramatic as MTV would like it to be for television, and now they may be trying to create drama out of nothing.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s accusations against MTV? Do you think she’ll quit the show?

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