JAY-Z Admits His Mother Did Not Approve Of ‘4:44’ Revealing She’s A Lesbian: ‘Absolutely Not’

JAY-Z’s latest album, 4:44, is nothing short of controversial. The rap mogul has been opening up about various issues in his personal and professional life ever since its release in June.

Just recently, the 47-year-old hitmaker revealed some intriguing details about one of the most talked-about tracks of 4:44, “Smile.” Apparently, the song, which dished about the sexuality of JAY-Z’s mother, did not initially please everyone, including Gloria Carter herself.

In the second half of JAY-Z’s interview with Rap Radar, the father of three admitted that his mother was against the song when she first heard about it. The “Kill Jay Z” rapper also confessed that he initially did not have his mother’s permission to record the song, adding that she only knew about it after it was done.

“We just had a beautiful conversation and it led to me making the song, and I didn’t have permission to make the song.”

According to JAY-Z, his mother was not happy about publicly outing her sexuality on “Smile,” especially since she’s a very private person. So when the song was completed, the rapper had a long talk with his mom and convinced her to finally come out.

“When she first heard the song, she was like, ‘Absolutely not,’ and I was like, ‘Man, this is so important.’ So many people in the world hiding and things like this and this will help you… That’s how we spoke about that song.”

JAY-Z also admitted that 4:44’s “Smile” is one of his “proudest songs,” adding that he’s really happy that his mom finally becomes the person that she really is.


The rapper did not hold back in expressing his love and admiration to his mother, especially with her skills as a speaker and poet. He even compared his mother to the late, great Maya Angelou.

“I’ve always had love for my mother. I always looked up to her. Man, she’s so f—–g dope. My mom has been dope her whole life. She’s just a dope person. Listen to her, she sounds like Maya Angelou. Her pacing, her voice is just so regal. She’s a speaker. Our relationship developed to another level as I started getting to know myself.”

In the song, JAY-Z dropped the bombshell revelation about his mother’s sexuality. Gloria Carter even delivered a moving monologue about “living in the shadows” and coming out with the truth, adding more intensity to the song.

“Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian.”

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JAY-Z’s Rap Radar interview is filled with interesting revelations from the famous rapper himself. It can be recalled that the rapper previously addressed his ongoing feud with Kanye West during the first half of the podcast interview.

The 4:44 hitmaker admitted that his friendship with Kanye is currently on the rocks after the rapper targeted Beyonce during one of his onstage rants. JAY-Z bluntly stated that his longtime friend “crossed the line” when he involved his family in their issues.

“You can’t bring my kids and my wife into it.”

On the lighter note, JAY-Z opened up about the real meaning behind his 2-month-old twins’ catchy names. The rapper revealed that he and Beyonce personally picked the names based on their favorites.

According to JAY-Z, their daughter’s name, Rumi, was derived from their favorite poet, while their son’s moniker, Sir, has a manly meaning to it.

“Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter. Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir.”

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