Melania Trump Will Travel With President To Texas On Tuesday, August 29, But Not To Houston

First Lady Melania Trump will join President Donald Trump in traveling to Texas on Tuesday, August 29. This news was confirmed via Vice President Mike Pence, who let interview listeners know that Melania would indeed accompany President Trump to Texas in the wake of devastation brought to the area by Hurricane Harvey. However, logistics for Melania’s travel with President Trump to Texas means that the president will not travel to Houston, but perhaps Austin or San Antonio, so that their won’t detract from the ongoing rescue efforts in the region.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Melania’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, also confirmed that Melania would travel with her husband to Texas on Tuesday when Grishman posted the news on Twitter.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, confirmed that President Trump would not go to Houston during his trip with Melania to the area so as not to put themselves in the way of harm or hamper any rescue efforts.

“The place he will be going to will not be Houston, so [he] will not be getting into harm’s way or interrupting the evacuations or emergency response in the Houston area. He most likely will be going closer to where the hurricane hit land.”

[Image by Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images]

President Trump and Melania recently returned from Camp David with their 11-year-old son, Barron Trump, as seen in the above photo from Sunday, August 27. Soon after their weekend trip at Camp David, Melania and President Trump will find themselves traveling once more, this time to Texas.

As reported by Heavy, people have turned to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to post photos of folks stranded on rooftops who were in need of rescue after flooding caused waters to rise in their homes. People also turned to social media to voice their frustration at calling 911 and other emergency numbers and not getting immediate answers, as reported by the Inquisitr. With more rain expected to come into the area, Houston officials noted additional personnel coming into the area to help meet the demand of folks in the flooded streets.

[Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

Chief Art Acevedo of the Houston Police Department spoke of the ongoing rescue efforts still underway in Houston, along with Houston’s mayor, at a press conference on Monday morning. Chief Acevedo urged people in desperate need of help to continue to call 911 and to remain on the line instead of hanging up and calling back.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]