‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Ashley Humiliated – Dina Leaks Abbott Paternity Secret, Alzheimers To Blame

Young and the Restless spoilers hint that because Dina Mergeron’s (Marla Adams) illness is not yet common knowledge, she’s putting the Abbott family business at risk — and also Abbott family secrets! All this will collide soon when Dina and her Alzheimer’s leaves Jabot vulnerable to a revenge plot by Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and will humiliate Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and make her the laughing stock of Genoa City very soon.

Dina’s mind is a slippery slope

Now-retired Y&R writer Sally Sussman spilled in a recent interview with Daytime Confidential that Dina definitely has Alzheimer’s disease. Sussman said she wrote the story because she wanted to “do issues that were really affecting people’s lives.” While Sussman leaked the big secret earlier this month, there has still been no confirmation on-screen that Dina has the illness that will soon rob her of her memories and her past, as well as wreak havoc on the Abbott family’s future.

On Friday, August 25, Ashley pressured Dina to keep the family secrets to herself, and Dina agreed, but they were overheard by Ravi Shapur (Abhi Sinha), so that’s one more person that knows. Ashley’s secret is one that has been kept for decades, but since it was mentioned again recently, Young and the Restless fans know it’s about to be blown up into a public spectacle. Ashley has lots of skeletons in her haute couture closet, but this is the biggest one of them all.


Ashley’s true paternity a well-kept secret

Long-time Young and the Restless fans know that tennis pro Brent Davis (Bert Kramer) is Ashley’s biological father, but John Abbott went to his grave believing he was her birth father. In fact, only a handful of people ever knew the truth. According to SheKnows Soaps, only Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), Dina, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) knew the truth. Now, however, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) is digging.

On Friday, Dina told Ashley that Abby was asking why John and Dina’s marriage crashed and burned. Ashley took her mom to task and said Abby can’t ever know she’s not John’s granddaughter. Dina agreed, and Ashley told her mother firmly to never speak of this matter again. Now the circle of people that knows the dirty truth has expanded because Ravi knows. Soon, all of Genoa City will know because Dina will slip up and spill the awful secret.


Dina spills, Ashley humiliated

Young and the Restless spoilers promise that Dina would never knowingly break her word to Ashley, but there’s one person in town who probably knows too much. Graham Bloodworth (Max Shippee) knows all of Dina’s secrets and probably this one too. When Ashley gets dirt on Graham this week, she may think she’s got him trapped, but if Graham reveals he’s got dirt on her too, Ashley’s hands could be tied. But that won’t be the end of it because of Dina’s Alzheimer’s.

Y&R spoilers and rumors tease that Dina will become disoriented and confused and will blab Ashley’s true paternity to someone outside the circle of knowledge. It might be to Abby, or it could be to Billy, who would be stunned. If Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) gets hold of the info, she’ll be tempted to blab it on The Hilary Hour, but since it would hurt her pal Jack, she’ll think twice before broadcasting the news. No matter what, this secret is a ticking time bomb that’s about to explode.


When all of Genoa City discovers that Ashley’s not truly an Abbott, she’ll be humiliated, and so will Abby, who already has enough daddy issue — she doesn’t also need granddaddy issues. Will the big reveal cause Jack to push Ashley aside at Jabot, not because she’s not an Abbott, but because it’s a PR nightmare? Ashley’s life will be wrecked for a while, but other YR spoilers claim Ravi steps up to play hero. Check back often for upcoming news like Victoria and Billy’s kiss this week and more Young and the Restless spoilers.

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