‘GH’ Spoilers: Is Julexis Done For Good? Julian Goes To Prison, Alexis Moves On With Her Life

The pairing of Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis, also known as Julexis, has become a fan-favorite couple since the two sparked a major flame a few years back. Unfortunately, their fire got burned out by Julian’s actions brought on by his sister, Olivia Jerome. He has taken responsibility for what he did and is now headed to prison because of it. What will Alexis do now? Is it time for her to move on like he told her to do?

The General Hospital previews for Monday indicate that Alexis will be having a private chat with Sam about her dad. She will let their daughter in on the verdict that will have Julian sent away for a long time. How will Sam react to the news? In addition, spoilers from Soap Central tease that Alexis will be confronting Sonny and Carly as well. This should be interesting as Carly is heard saying how Julian got exactly what he deserves.

Once the dust settles, Alexis will be forced to move on. Julexis may be done for good, but there is always a glimmer of hope. She broke down when she was saying goodbye to Julian at the courthouse. He assured her that it is time to get on with her life and it looks like she will do her best to comply. She may be ready to forget about their torrid past together as the prison doors are closed to lock Julian out of her life for good.


Scott Baldwin met up with Alexis after the trial was over last week on General Hospital and he was trying his best to talk her into visiting with Julian to give him a little hope and encouragement. She quipped back that Julian wanted her to move on and that is what she will do. Will she really be able to do that? How long will Julexis be apart?

Fans of this couple are ready for them to get back together. Despite Julian Jerome being sentenced to prison, all is not lost. Actor William deVry will be off the radar for a bit because he had to stop filming during the delayed contract negotiations. However, he is definitely coming back for November sweeps. The delay in his return is necessary and deVry mentioned in an interview with Soap Opera Digest how excited he is to see how Julian’s story continues to play out after prison. There is a good chance that Julexis will find their way back to each other, but it may take some work.

General Hospital couple JUlexis
Will fans see Julexis again? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

It is obvious that Alexis is still in love with him. She may just move on without him with a new guy, but it could just be temporary. The General Hospital writers may pair her up with someone else or viewers may just see her focusing her attention on her three daughters. Sam will have her life turned upside down very soon and Alexis will be there to support her.

Do you think Julexis will eventually find their way back to each other? Should they really be together after all that has happened?

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