Taylor Swift Image Plastered On UPS Trucks — Smirk In ‘Creepy’ Ad Conjures Questions

If you just can’t get enough of Taylor Swift, you are in luck. Starting this Saturday, Swift’s image will be plastered on the side of UPS trucks rolling out in a few big cities ahead of her image UPS trucks going nationwide. For the first time in the United Parcel Service history, those bland, basic brown trucks will have a specialized fleet that will sport Swift’s Reputation album cover on the side of them.

This is part of Taylor Swift partnering up with UPS, she is being referred to as their “official delivery partner” for the purposes of this new campaign. It is almost like Taylor Swift’s name and album Reputation were made for this partnership. Think of all the play that UPS will get out of Swift’s name.

UPS is “Taylor” made for a “Swift” delivery” and this shows off UPS’s stellar Reputation. As People Magazine reports, Swift “embraced her darker side in the revenge-themed clap-back song” “You Made Me Do It.” The commercial that UPS rolled out has the same eerie feel to it, according to the many reports today. You can see the ad in the video at the bottom of this article.

Even the announcement of this new partnership between Taylor Swift and UPS packed some mystery. The video has Swift penning a note and then packing up a white box so it is ready for a UPS shipment. Then she slowly looks up, making direct eye contact with the camera with a smirk on her face. So what is that all about?


It wouldn’t be the first time a little story is told in segments via a grouping of commercials released one at a time if that is what UPS intends to do. Some of the social media sites’ users suggested this may be the case.

Will UPS give the folks at home the opportunity to track that package via their commercials as to who Taylor is sending that white box and her penned note to? The Taylor Swift-UPS commercial has conjured up quite the mystery and it is drawing a lot of attention today, but that is what a good ad campaign is meant to do.

Taylor Swift performs during her "1989" world tour.
[Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

UPS is celebrating the launch of their distribution of Taylor Swift’s Reputation CD. Basically, all this hoopla is over UPS becoming the official distributor and shipper of Swift’s new album.


This Week critiqued the new Taylor Swift – UPS ad and called it the “creepiest thing ever.” There is also a tie-in with Swift concert tickets, which can be seen at the end of the short clip below.

The ad can be seen in the video below, maybe you could figure out where this is going? You will start seeing Taylor Swift’s image on the UPS trucks this coming Saturday in a few select major cities, like New York, Atlanta, and Nashville.

The nationwide campaign will roll out shortly after the first trucks appear with the Reputation album on their sides in those selected areas. The album is due out on November 10.

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