‘Pawn Stars’ Fires Former Suicide Girl Olivia Black

Olivia Black, who was hired to work for Gold and Silver Pawn in the fifth season of Pawn Stars, was fired from the show after naked photos of her emerged.

Black went by the name “Belladonna” as a model for SuicideGirls.com, a soft-core porn/pin-up model website before being hired at the pawn shop. Her past as a Suicide Girl was revealed in the National Enquirer, which featured a photo of her in lacy lingerie.

Black posted a link to the article on Monday, and the 27-year-old confirmed the news on her Facebook page Wednesday, stating, “Well S***….I was just fired.”

Shortly afterward she wrote, “Nay, Sadly this is not a joke….I no longer work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it has been a whirlwind of a year, and now I must move on.”

The Enquirer article says that Black was selected to join the Suicide Girls in 2008, and that the cast and crew of Pawn Stars knew about her past. She joined the site because, at 5-foot-2, she was too short to be a runway model. An anonymous source told the tabloid:

“Olivia loves her gigonPawn Stars, but her nude modeling isn’t necessarily in the past. She would never do any­thing to upset the show’s producers or her pawn shop bosses, but if ‘Playboy’ called her right now and asked her to pose in the buff, I’m sure she wouldn’t think twice about shedding her clothes and saying ‘cheese!’”

Black’s supporters wished her luck in her future endeavors and said that it was the show’s loss for firing her. One naysayer, however, said she barely spoke during the season and was visible for “a total of about 15 seconds a season.”

Black responded, “Mike Soke, you should bite your tongue in lieu of the circumstances, I have done nothing wrong to deserve a firing, especially at this date. Obviously, like all others that have no job, I am slightly stressed.”

The show didn’t confirm exactly why Black was fired, but the timing of the Enquirer article and her dismissal seems too coincidental to not be related.

Do you think Olivia Black should have been fired from the show, especially if the cast knew about her past as a Suicide Girl?