Suri Cruise 2017: Tom Cruise’ Loyalty To Scientology Cost Him His Relationship With Daughter?

  1. Katie Holmes wished nothing but the best for her only child, Suri Cruise. While Tom Cruise has seemingly forgotten his daddy duties for his daughter because of Scientology, the Dawson’s Creek actress always makes sure to capture and treasure every bit of the happy moments of her daughter with the Mission: Impossible 6 star.

When the 38-year-old actress gave birth to Suri Cruise in 2006, Tom Cruise was nothing but a doting father to the young child. However, his relationship with his daughter quickly went downhill after Katie Holmes shockingly ended her six-year marriage to the Mission: Impossible 6 actor.

Scientology is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the church. So when Katie Holmes ended her marriage from the Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise was expected to disconnect from her and their daughter, Suri Cruise.

In fact, Tom Cruise has been absent in his daughter’s life for quite a long time. Although Katie Holmes never talked about the real reason of the end of their marriage, it was believed that the 55-year-old actor’s ties with Scientology may have caused the split.

Katie Holmes is rumored to be currently dating Tom Cruise’ friend, Jamie Foxx.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes is known for keeping things as private and as normal as possible for Suri Cruise, but having a mega-popular dad is certainly not making that easy to achieve. The popular child and the actress are always being followed by paparazzi to take their photos since a lot of people are curious to know as to how the daughter of Tom Cruise looks like now.

The Dawson’s Creek star may have realized that she can’t hide her daughter since she has to experience life as well, so the actress decided to spend a fun time with Suri Cruise and took her to a crowded basketball game earlier this year.

Wearing a cute printed dress, a pink cardigan, and a bow in her hair, Suri Cruise definitely looked adorable. But her best accessory at the time has got to be her smile. The 11-year-old looked extremely happy as she paraded into the court with her equally excited mom at the Lakers game.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]