‘Big Brother 19’ News: Matt Accuses Raven Of Being Cody’s Sister After She Throws Cinnamon On Him During Fight

The BB19 showmance between Matthew Clines and Raven Walton reached new levels Sunday night as the spiciness between them intensified during a kitchen fight. The tiff seemed to begin as simple horsing around but intensified when Matt accused Raven of being the sister of Big Brother 19 jury member Cody Nickson.

At around 8:41 p.m. the couple could be spied on live feeds kissing as they sat in the backyard hot tub, Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates reports. This expense of romantic energy seems to have made Matt and Raven hungry, so they entered the kitchen for a bite to eat.

Live feeds revealed that as they began to play around in the kitchen, their actions became more extreme and Raven threw cinnamon on Matt, who retaliated by tossing milk her way. As this was taking place, Kevin Schlehuber, Paul Abrahamian, and Christmas Abbott looked on with amusement.

At about 8:55 p.m. Big Brother 19 house time, on live feeds Matt told Raven, “You look good,” as milk dripped down the front of her chest. She looked at him sternly and told Matt, “Don’t pay me any compliments.”

The cinnamon and milk exchanges continued to go back and forth between Matt and Raven, prompting him to accuse her of being Cody’s sister, according to Joker’s Updates. This so angered Raven that she began tossing even more cinnamon on Matt.


Matt then quipped, “You’re going to sit here and tell me with a temper like this, you’re not Cody’s sister?” Raven, incensed, pelted Matt with more cinnamon and cursed at him as she did. When Matt continued to tease her by saying, “Cody, don’t touch me,” Raven said she would beat him. Matt responded by asking, “Are these not Cody words?”

As the words between them went back and forth, Matt told Raven to “shoo,” causing her to loudly curse at him, prompting her to inform him he cannot tell her what to do.


When Paul tried to interject, Raven told him, “How about you stay out of this…” When he spoke a second time, Raven asked Paul if he wanted some and noted, “…I will douse you…” as Paul said he wanted no part in the altercation.

The milk and cinnamon war continued and Matt seemed to revel in agitating Raven by calling her “Cody.” On live feeds, Raven then said of the incident, “I’d rather cut my own toe off and eat it than apologize.”

At about 9:13 p.m. BB19 house time, Raven shouted at Matt stating, “I swear to God, I’m going to murder you!”

Matt started making fun of Raven’s accent and she declared she was not cleaning up the mess the two of them had made with dairy and spice.


After much banter back and forth, Matt and Raven predictably and angrily began using towels to mop up the piles of powder and puddles of liquid on the floor and countertops.

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[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]