Lucha Wrestler Reportedly Injures GFW Impact Wrestling Star, Lies About It Afterwards

While professional wrestling has predetermined results, there is still a large chance someone could accidentally really injure themselves in a match. That is why trust is so important, especially on big stages such as the WWE and GFW Impact Wrestling. However, this weekend at AAA’s TripleMania show in Mexico, a former Lucha Underground star reportedly injured a GFW Impact Wrestling star on purpose.

Legitimate injury at TripleMania

PWInsider reported that GFW women’s star Rosemary was involved in a three-way Reina De Reinas match against former Lucha Underground superstar Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada, and Mexican superstar Lady Shani. During the match, reports indicate that Shani and Sexy Star were legitimately fighting each other at one point in the match, going off script and actually trying to actually hurt each other.

Things didn’t end well for former GFW Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion Rosemary, who ended up in an armbar submission which was supposed to end the match. However, Sexy Star reportedly wrenched on the arm and popped Rosemary’s arm out of place at the end of the match.

When the match ended, reports indicate that Sexy Star tried to get out of the arena quickly but agent Vampiro hunted her down and forced her to apologize to Rosemary. After that, Sexy Star left quickly and there are reports that Lady Shani was looking for her to finish what they started in the ring.

Backlash against Sexy Star after the injury

The backlash was quick against Sexy Star after the reported injury to Rosemary. The always controversial Joey Ryan, who also worked for Lucha Underground, spoke up first and said that wrestlers put their health in other people’s hands and then said that Sexy Star is no longer “one of us.”

Karen Jarrett, the wife of GFW Impact Wrestling head honcho Jeff Jarrett went to Twitter and said that someone should send Sexy Star to her house. Former GFW Knockout’s champion and Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame star Gail Kim called it “disgusting.”

Christy Hemme said she lost all respect for Sexy Star and Velvet Sky said that she should never work in the business at all. Pro Wrestling EVE went as far as to request that all promoters cancel their bookings for Sexy Star to protect their own wrestlers.

Sexy Star and Rosemary speak out

While Sexy Star has not made any comments to news organizations, Rosemary came onto Twitter 24 hours later and said that Sexy Star was telling people it was all a “work,” meaning that the injury was not real and they planned it.

Rosemary said this is not true at all. According to Rosemary, Sexy Star took “liberties” with her body when she trusted her to keep her safe. She then said that this doesn’t make Sexy Star tough at all and that she doesn’t think she belongs in the business of professional wrestling at all anymore.

[Featured Image by Tabercil | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and resized | CC BY 3.0]