‘Overwatch’ To Officially Demote All Players In Season 6 For Losing

There have been a lot of complaints from Overwatch players during Competitive Play concerning other players not playing within the spirit of the game. That should change in the upcoming Competitive Season 6 thanks to new rules. One of the new rules for the upcoming season will see players demoted across all the ranks of the game when they lose.

Overwatch demotions in Season 6

Game Rant broke the news and reported that it is no longer just the higher ranking Overwatch players that face demotions when they lose. Now even gamers playing in the Gold and Silver levels can find themselves demoted as well.

At the end of the Competitive Season, the points earned will still come from the Overwatch players highest ranking in the game, even if they are demoted due to losses. However, the new system will make sure that all players are in the accurate level based on the performance at their current tier.

The way that the demotions will work is that a player who does not perform well during five battles in a row will be demoted to the next lower level. However, the good news is that an Overwatch player will not get demoted after they win a game, even if it is a fifth straight disappointing performance.


Other changes in Overwatch Season 6

This isn’t the only change coming in the Competitive Season 6 of Overwatch. The Skill Ratings awarded to players has also been tweaked so that players can choose anyone they like to play with without finding themselves at a huge disadvantage in the contests.

Blizzard also nerfed a number of characters in Overwatch in preparation of the Competitive Season 6. These nerfs include changes to D.Va and Junkrat but the biggest came with the character of Mercy.


Many Overwatch players realized that Mercy could sit back and then heal an entire team after their opponent used their Ultimate to try to win. Mercy was able to use her Ultimate to heal the entire team and then they would just destroy the now worn out opponents.

The Overwatch nerf will not allow Mercy to heal an entire team like this anymore. Instead, the healing will only be a regular ability now and Mercy can only heal one teammate at a time and then cool down for 30 seconds.

There has also been talk about punishing people who quit games early on to avoid taking losses. The PC version has already implemented a punishment system but there is no word on whether it will come to consoles or not in time for Overwatch Season 6, which kicks off on Aug. 31 at 5 p.m. PT.

[Featured Image by Blizzard]